JediSwap Newsletter 15

Welcome to the 15th edition of JediSwap's community-led newsletter!

Every two weeks, we compile the following:

  • updates from JediSwap

  • what's new in the StarkNet ecosystem

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Updates from JediSwap in the last two weeks

A lot has happened in the last two weeks!

Let's start with the growth of our AMM. The TVL and the volume keep rising, sometimes offering an APY above 100% for our liquidity providers! We crossed $2M in TVL this week.

By the way, we are now the biggest AMM on Starknet in terms of TVL and weekly volume on StarkNet, and all of this is thanks to you!

If you are new here and want to deposit your assets or trade on our AMM, head over here.

Speaking of you, our dear community, we just passed 50k followers on Twitter, making us one of the biggest communities of the StarkNet ecosystem! Thank you so much for your constant support.

By the way, if you want to know more about why we decided to build on Starknet, check out our recently published article. This article covers how native account abstraction, Cairo, SHARP, and STARKs help Starknet position to be a leading L2 ecosystem.

Finally, two new developments have taken place on JediSwap.

The first one is the release of a new landing page, which makes navigation on JediSwap smoother, more pleasant, and visually more appealing.

The second one is the integration of our dApp into the exciting new Braavos feature: the dApp portal.
This new feature allows you to see how many transactions you had done on StarkNet when these were done and which dApps you interacted with the most. So you can now track how many interactions you have done with JediSwap!

What happened in the StarkNet ecosystem

StarkWare has recently announced two exciting pieces of news.

The first one is the launch of Cairo 1.0 on the StarkNet Mainnet, which developers have been eagerly awaiting! But, a little reminder for developers, deploying Cairo 1.0 contracts on Mainnet will be enabled only after running on Testnet for some more time.

The second is an AMA between @Vitalik and some members of the StarkWare team, including @Eli, to discuss the choice of StarkWare to have created its programming language: Cairo. An exciting AMA with the Ethereum creator! To watch the replay, head over here.

On the ecosystem side, @Starknet_OG has recently published a breakdown of projects currently launched on the StarkNet Mainnet:

By the way, two new protocols are now live on Starknet mainnet:

  • SithSwap, a stableswap protocol went live on the mainnet last week

  • Carmine, an options protocol went live on Friday

Starknet Social has also announced that it will be launched on Mainnet on April 25.

Finally, ZKX has launched the public testnet of its long-awaited Perp DEX. The next ZKX milestone is the upcoming launch of a trading contest, with many prizes to be won, including an airdrop of ZKX tokens and NFTs.

We hope you enjoyed this issue, and we'll see you in two weeks for a new edition!

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