we do a little shilling

there's so much shit on pump.fun that launches and dies. all farms likely, but some do hit. manipulated hits of course, but hits nonetheless (e.g. $sc, $thog, $epik).

anyhow i spotted $daken yesterday early on and thought wow this is actually something. it's a chicken they feed daily tied to the token for no reason whatsoever. that little green piece of plastic on the birb's head is a memesend. they had all their socials lined up nicely before launch. it all looked really good and is as about as authentic as i'll get in this space.

it dumped post launch, as usual. but what's nice is the whale distro. no insane holders. if this guy keeps posting the chiken vids this may actually work? seen a lot of these things now and this def caught my eye.

let's see what happens:


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