2022 Fintech Predictions

Companies to Go Public

  • Dave via SPAC

  • Credit Sesame

  • Yieldstreet

  • Nium

Common Thread:

  • Highly valued

  • Focused on working with regulators

  • Going global

  • Acquisitive strategies

Trend Predictions

  • Increasing need for RTP and more scrappy solutions, as the Fed sure as hell isn't getting there first

    • rise of gig economy is helping this

    • International companies will expand their offerings to the US as the world becomes more cross border

    • Travel resumes as COVID dies down

  • Also greater need for global payments (cheaper, faster)

  • Web3 will continue to explode with shitty companies and good ones

    • Hopefully less shitty companies as the market deflates

  • Valuations will come down

    • More IPOs and buyouts / consolidation

      • Nasdaq about to drop like a damn rock

  • Consolidation - we say that literally every year

  • Increased regulation especially with increase of BNPL and crypto - more will try to get licenses