Why I actually enjoy ‘boring’ fintech.

Someone recently asked me why I prefer looking at core tech plays in fintech, all the unsexy stuff, the infrastructure stuff that sits at the bottom and in the back. Actually, many people have asked me since the moment I demonstrated interest in the space. Especially when others see me as a young girl… which is disappointing in this day and age, but I guess it is what it is.

The reason to prefer it to consumer technology to me is clear, as I don’t enjoy or understand the fickle nature of consumer dynamics.

But why I really prefer core tech in fintech isn’t because the valuations have been crazy high the last couple of years, and I’m a momentum and hype chaser.

It goes back to why I am passionate about fintech to begin with - because it solves real problems with core players, and pushing these large boulders forward can help power generations of technology on top. It’s mission critical, and most fintechs rely on these “core” institutions.

It’s freaking hard because it involves heavy regulations, decade long contracts that are incredibly sticky, valuable and high margin businesses, massive stakeholders that move at a snail’s pace, and a certain level of scale that most companies don’t end up reaching.

Overall I have learned a lot but have so much more to learn. It’s so exciting! I am so excited.

I believe that the past does not predict the future, but understanding the past is key to building the future.