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Foundation Worlds humanity haven't explored properly

Since Foundation launched the Worlds Feature, back in January, there are a myriad of new curated galleries being created weekly, totalizing roughly 400 at the time of this post.

For those unaware, Worlds enabled people to build exclusive galleries on Foundation, mostly used for curated community content, however there are a few Worlds made by a single artist to showcase their own work in a different manner.

As everything in the Planet, there are a few Worlds summing up 10, 20 and even 100 ETH in sales and others struggling to get a single bid. It's life, it's ok. Unfortunately we can't showcase every single World (specially because they keep on sprouting) but after a thorough research, we found a few too good to be overlooked.

ISSA Vibe, curated by @Milibooo

The creative collective known as "ISSA Vibe" comprises nine photographers from various corners of the world. Together, they tell stories from the streets in a cinematic, diverse and cohesive way. In fact, even though the photographers come from different backgrounds, the images make sense when put side by side, portraying the streets as gloomy, cold and lonely, often resorting to the negative space (the area surrounding the main subject, which is intentionally left empty to create balance and draw attention to the main characters) to convey a sense of solitude in their storytelling.

You can see the ISSA Vibe World here

Photographing Men, curated by @justnfttoronto

Photographing Men, as the title implies, assembles exclusively portraits of men, mostly nude. John Philips aimed to create a nude photography gallery flowing in the opposite direction of the vast majority of subjects in nude art: the beautiful, slim and young white woman. There are currently 7 Worlds on Foundation featuring nude art in several forms, from photography to digital illustrations, including AI, and all of them unsurprisingly feature only naked white women.

In order to separate from the crowd and raise a different voice, John curated a World with 15 photographers, depicting a considerable variety of perspectives on male nudity and additionally included a few pieces of his own collection, to promote secondary sales.

Speaking of secondary market, let's move to the next entry, but before, you can check the Photographing Men World here

Art Angels, curated by @dapppunk

Art Angels goal is pretty straightforward: to promote secondary sales, supporting artists and recycling the ecosystem. Curated by Dapp Punk, the pieces come from renowned sold out collections such as City by Omar Robles, Strong Hair by Yatreda, New York and A Little Bit of Everything by Bruce Gilden, Crowded Fields by Pelle Cass and Brooke DiDonato and Ben Zank's Stranger Together. Feels like reading the nominees for Best Picture in an exquisitely remarkable Oscar ceremony. Judging by the list, it's clear that Art Angels is a joint venture with several and prominent collectors alongside Dapp in order to drive secondary sales up, boosting the artists and the community as a whole, who's eager to see a secondary market for 1/1 art as many predicted back in 2021. By the way, if you have pieces from sold out collections and would like to list them on secondary, reach out to Dapp.

Art Angels can be seen here

ARCHITECTURE & TIME, curated by @c_mplx

Curated by c_mplx, this Architecture focused World features 26 creators and their distinct approaches to the ever flowing state of change we briefly experience as limited beings, bound by space and time, witnessing nothing but a small fraction of existence. Yeah, I know, it's deep, but true. Not only ARCHITECTURE & TIME challenges the viewer with different stages of history and evolution both real and imaginary, but it also accomplishes a delicate goal of gathering a huge variety of art styles and still make sense as a whole. Photography, 3D, Illustration, AI, collages, video, Pepe, you name it. ARCHITECTURE & TIME has it all. It's a surprise this World is below the 1 ETH mark given the piece's price range, the careful curation, solid theme, artist selection and the quality of the artworks.

You can see ARCHITECTURE & TIME here

Love is Louder, curated by @OdysseyHeart

Dedicated solely to LGBTQIA+ artists, Love is Louder official launch is on the 26th. The World is already up and there are 7 pieces available in a curation that favors diversity both in the artists selection but also on the art itself, not bound to an exclusive medium or style, but brought together by storytelling, where the artists share their visions and feelings about love, relationships and what it means to be a LGBTQIA+ person in today's world. The approaches differ from a romantic depiction of lovers underwater to a stark parallel between relationships and the Floor is Lava game.

It's a World to dive in not only for the art, but to listen and glimpse into the reality of artists outside the heteronormative scope, understanding their drives, emotions and how this background influences the way they create.

Love is Louder is available here

Worlds gives us a chance of looking for art by theme or style instead of artists names. One nice feature Foundation should implement is adding hashtags to the Worlds to facilitate the search. As of now, one has to browse through the titles and guess the themes, which is time consuming and counterproductive. As more Worlds are added to the platform, we will need more advanced search features to facilitate art discovery.

Well, that's it for today, lovely souls.

See you on the next talk!

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