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Deca Discover Feature

A nice tool to find art you might enjoy

Art scavenging can be tiresome. I sound repetitive but finding new art is a mission around here. We usually rely on the same channels: Twitter, marketplaces, discord, Telegram groups and Deca, mostly. Deca, however, has brought to the game a nice feature that might expand our horizons: the Discover Feature.

To show you how it works, let's use Violet Bond as an example. You can check her Twitter here and her Deca Profile here. For those unlucky souls who haven't heard of Violet, she's an Australian performance artist and photographer whose work is deeply connected to the Earth and our relationship with it, not solely in a environmentalist approach but with the idea that there's no Humanity and Earth separately. There's only Us. We are All and Violet express this concept beautifully, wildly and solemnly.

Violet's front page

Well, let's move to the topic in question. On her front page, we clicked on Mars II, from her Mud Collection on Foundation. If you look at the bottom left, you'll see" Discover more like this".

Just scroll down and the magic happens.

Deca's algo is able to catch a few characteristics of Violet's piece and translate into relevant traits. Right from the top pieces, it's clear how Deca tries to match the color and the wet paint textures on Violet's body, as well as the Earth textures on the ground.

Scrolling down, it's easy to notice the connections the algo found between Mars II and the suggested pieces. Worth to mention the skulls, often featured on Violet's work but absent on the Mud Collection. Not sure how Deca made this bridge, but kudos anyway.

The Earth tones, Earth themes, they're all among suggestions. If the Deca team added filters such as Collected and Available, this would be an even more powerful tool for art collecting.

You can try this feature with favorite artists and, if you're an artist, try it with your pieces. The Discover feature allows artists to find people whose work might resonate with their own. A good opportunity to connect with likeminded creators.

Hope you liked this tip folks.

See you on the next talk!

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