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So, what's JPGTalk about?

Hello folks, this is JPGTalk where we will... Talk about JPGs. I thought it was pretty obvious, honestly.

Jokes aside, JPGTalk (JT) is a newsletter focused on web3 art and artists. Specially, but not exclusively, those who didn't find a way to build a broader audience and hence struggle to be seen.

Apart from uplifting the artists, we'll also put you up to date with the Blockchain Art World: News, opportunities, interviews, contests, opinions, reviews, etc.

The format of the newsletter is under construction (this is the first issue for Christ sake) but our goal is clear:

We're here for the art.

Speaking of which, I'll leave you with two recommendations. Pay a visit to the artist's profiles, you might connect with some of the pieces.

Carlos Henrique - @withchenrique

Titan Among the Fog

Carlos is a Brazilian photographer whose style evokes a sense of impending danger. On Titan among the Fog, this danger isn't clear, for the creature's intent is unbeknownst to us, leaving only one safe choice: silence.

This collection, Obscura Project, is a homage to horror movies and Carlos's own interpretation of what dread and terror looks like.

You can see the NFT here

Elsbeth - @Fr_Lehmann_

untitled #3

Came across Elsbeth work on Twitter and this particular piece caught my attention. Nudes are tricky. The easiest way to do it is focus on the woman in a sensual, luscious way. Here Elsbeth chose the opposite. Hiding her beauty, twisting the body and stripping most of the sensuality away, giving the viewer an uncomfortable pose even herself isn't willing to face in the mirror. Untitled #3 is different from the other pieces on the collection, but for me, the strongest one.

You can see it here

That's all for today folks, Talk to you later!

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