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JPGTalk April 21st picks

A few pieces that caught our attention

Hello JPGers! What's the best way of finding art in the blockchain? I usually browse foundation, twitter shill threads and search for a few keywords on twitter such as "editions", "manifold" etc. Not the optimal way, but it brings some results. Feel free to share your process with me! Meanwhile, here are today's picks.

Fawkes Edible Art Collection.

Riya Panwar (Fawkes) new collection pushes the boundaries of art in several levels, rethinking the authorship, medium, predictability and the very lifespan of the work. She's using AI to create images she'll later transfer to a fruit, transforming the initial piece in something entirely different and unpredictable.

Riya's process

When I say she rethinks authorship, I mean she's partnering not only with the AI, but also with nature and time. The piece is in constant change, and, from the moment the image is transferred to the fruit, all the control over the process is lost. That's when another question arises:

When is the correct time to make the "final" image?

"Fall Harvest" and "An Exquisite Slice"

While the NFT's lifespan is obviously not a concern, time runs differently for the physical piece. The decay keeps working long after Riya's kickstart. One may question there's also no concern here, but a distinct experiment on the very concept of the collection.

Once the image is unrecognizable, it's all over? Or the piece remains alive, being forever changed by Time?

"An Exquisite Slice" changing over time.

Looking forward to see how Edible Art will unfold and I hope Riya understands they're not really edible, we need her and her creativity to stay here for a loooong time :)

You can see and collect from Edible Art here.

@beirxt Artificial Intelligence Collection

"Heartbreak", "The Journey" and "Downtown"

On this collection Chris used DALL-E 2 to create 14 pieces across several styles, from traditional art and expressionism to 3d art and animations, but nothing of the usual sci-fi, futuristic, teal and orange detailed textures AI art we see everyday. Here at JPGTalk we specially liked Downtown, featuring a demon in what looks like a work break, too demotivated to defy the Authority. So cool we collected it.

Besides Downtown, another highlight is Idiosyncrasy, an animation created with 156 frames/bodies created using DALL-E. Unfortunately Paragraph doesn't support videos on the post.

3 of the 156 Idiosyncrasy frames

You can check the whole collection here

The Brazil World curated by Fer Caggiano

Curated by the talented Brazilian painter Fer Caggiano, the World is composed of 14 Brazilian artists from different fields and styles, telling their own stories. By the time of this post, the World had 3 pieces already collected. It's undoubtedly a good place to explore new artists or collect from established ones, no matter if you're looking for abstract art, photography, video, AI or digital paintings.

You can see the World here

That's all for today folks, see you in the next talk!

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