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Open Calls for Artists - May, 5th

Opportunities to showcase your work worldwide

Hello fellow JPGers. Tough market, cruel gas right? Well, in times like these there are other kind of opportunities for you to grow, and one of them are Open Calls.

Open Calls are contests/curations for having your art displayed or invited as a part of a gallery or, in the recent trend, a Foundation World. Each outcome have their own advantages and all of them can benefit you in the short and long term.

Here are a few still open today.

Sloika ITAP World.

Sloika, the curated photography marketplace is calling out photographers to submit pieces to their ITAP World. The deadline is today, May 5th. To submit, reply with one or more pieces on the tweet below.

NFT Bucarest

NFT Bucarest will host NFTCluj on May 12nd and they're selecting 40 artists to be exhibited at the event. The submission is through Joyn and the deadline is on May 8th. More details in the tweet below.

imnotArt and NFTAsia Digital Expressions

imnotArt and NFTAsia are co-curating an exhibition to celebrate AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) and Asian heritage in May. The submission starts on May 8th. More details in the tweet below.

NFT Asia Open Call

NFT Asia is curating an exhibition in Bali. Artists can submit by replying their art in the tweet below or also via the Joyn link in the thread. Deadline is today, May 5th.

A2 Accelerate Art Homage Open Call

A2 Accelerate Art has a Call open until May 12th for their Homage Digital Art Event in Romania. The event, in homage to Constantin Brancusi, the famous Romanian sculptor will take place in the first week of June and the pieces will be curated by the Claire Silver. More details on the tweet below.

NFT Lisbon AI Hackaton

NFT Lisbon in collaboration with Obscura and MakersPlace are inviting artists to submit their AI pieces to the AI Art Hackaton. The theme is "Augmented Humanity" and the winner will be granted 1 ETH, sponsored by Lord Truffington, to cover their trip to Lisbon and join the Live AI art creation event. More details in the tweet below.

Best of luck everyone!

See you on the next talk!

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