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Putting back 10% of my personal profits into the community

This post wraps the newsletter introduction. I've presented JPGTalk, myself and shared my thoughts about why it's worth to keep hustling for art in the blockchain. Now it's time to make a commitment and put my money where my mouth is.

You read in the last post, I'm the average guy with a family and a 9to5 in a third world country so my resources are limited. Basically they're limited to the amount of ETH I earn from my art. However, if artists don't dedicate a share of their profits to support the community, the whole space will crumble.

How will it work? In the beginning of each month, I'll transfer 10% of my profit to the JPGTalk wallet and purchase art. I'll focus on artists under the radar mostly. If I see art I connect and it's in my price range, I'll buy. The plan is to collect as much as possible, so it'll depend on how much I have to spend. If in a given month I earn close to nothing, I'll buy on tezos. If I earn nothing, then I'll buy zero.

It's that simple. In time I hope to assemble a cool collection for JPGTalk and support those who need a boost.

You're free to DM JPGTalk to showcase your art but be aware the buying windows happen once per month, in the first week.

From now on, the posts will be less personal and dedicated to the art and their creators. I hope you're enjoying the newsletter so far.

See you on the next talk!

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