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Artists and pizzas

This metaphor may not apply if you live in the countryside. But if you live in the average city anywhere on Earth, there's a kind of food which supply is high and somehow new stores keep opening. I'll use pizza as an example.

In a city with dozens of pizza places, how do you choose? Will you try all the restaurants? Of course not. You may do some online search, ask friends, check Instagram for visual reference and narrow down to a handful you think might be good.

I feel the same when I'm looking for art in the blockchain. There are thousands of artists and a lot of hidden gems. How can we find them? Not only finding, how can we assure their use top quality ingredients, aka, they're not stealing someone else's art?

In a space so decentralized, artists should be concerned about providing provenance. Not only for collectors but for the community as a whole. Be a human on Twitter, seek real interactions, not every comment or tweet must be about selling. If you have an Instagram, make sure it feels genuine, if you have a website, write a decent About Me. Can a scammer do it all? Yes, of course. But you're not a scammer right?

Act like a real person, basically that's it.

I talked too much, let's move to the art. I had the joy to stumble upon some great artists today.

Ferb, The Mad Scientist.

Infinite Mind

Ferb is a Nigerian artist whose comic book styled art evoke a sense of rebellion and impending danger. You can call his art surreal, insane, trending and dark. But one thing you can never call his work is boring.

The Organism
My Soldiers Rage


Park in Kyiv

An artist from Ukraine making small oil paintings in a pretty can, as you can check on her YouTube Channel. Her colors are delicate and the scenes take me to a peaceful place. Ironically, her country hasn't known peace for over an year.

Blue Mountains

Well, I hope you enjoyed today's post and don't forget to show the artists your appreciation.

See you on the next talk!

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