3 things I learned from talking with one of the biggest NFT API providers in the space

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A few days ago, I chatted with Olly Wilson, Co-Founder of SimpleHash. You probably never heard of this company, but if you used Rainbow, Phantom, or some portfolio trackers, you have probably seen it in action.

They provide NFT API that lets you track in real-time who owns which NFT, what's the floor price and how metadata changes when your plain web3 gaming sword becomes a magical one.

Three things I found the most interesting:

1) Every team member is involved in customer support not to lose track of users' needs. Yes, engineers, too!

2) To protect wallets from spam NFTs, they created a score that takes into account things such as NFT structure, whether it was airdropped, whether it was traded on top marketplaces, etc so that NFT marketplaces and wallets can hide unwanted NFTs from the app.

3) Although there are competing solutions on the market (like Moralis or Zora), they win a lot of users because it's super hard to map all NFTs. So when other less specialized projects map 99% of the market, SimpleHash tries to map 99.99%, which is essential for some wallet providers and professional traders.

If you'd like to listen to the episode, here's the link: