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3 main lessons from Colin, Founder of Paragraph - web2.5 Substack alternative

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Mac Budkowski

If you're confused about why you've received this e-mail, I moved my Substack & Revue subscribers to Paragraph. If you want to understand "why kanfa?", check this post :)

A few days ago, I chatted with Colin Armstrong, Co-Founder of Paragraph - the web2.5 Substack alternative I use to send these posts.

What I like is that they combine web2 features, such as subscribing with e-mail, blogging, and sending newsletters, with web3 features, such as subscribing with wallet, integrations with Farcaster, and token-gating content.

Three things I found the most interesting about our conversation:

1) They got their first 10 users by doing cold outreach on Twitter. They asked small to mid-size Substack creators if they wanted to check out the alternative. They do cold outreach to this day

2) In v1 of their product, they haven't included any crypto-related features. Thanks to that, it was easier to promote Paragraph in more crypto-skeptic environments such as HackerNews and Product Hunt.

3) If many people are requesting a feature and it takes half a day to implement, they are ready to postpone their other plans and ship it right away. And it's def true; I asked Colin for 2 features, and they shipped them the next day. It builds a great connection between the company and its users.

If you'd like to listen to the episode, here's the link:

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