free conference ticket + smoothie + new web3 talks episode

If you're confused about why you've received this e-mail, I moved my Substack & Revue subscribers to Paragraph. If you want to understand "why kanfa?", check this post :)

3 quick things:

#1: You can get a free ticket to the Epic Web3 conference, where you will learn how to build & grow web3 products from people who do it every day at Polygon, POAP, Ledger, MetaMask, Uniswap & other top projects.

Here's the link to the Twitter giveaway we organized with our partner, EpicWeb3:

#2 Web3 Talks (podcast I've been running for 1,5 yrs) is competing for the Smoothie award (it's like a web3 product hunt). I'd appreciate all the upvotes!

It takes 30 seconds and is free and safe, you just need to connect your wallet and click Upvote :)


#3: There's a new Web3 Talks episode with Nat Emodi, Co-Founder & CEO @ Highlight. And you can mint a free podcast NFT that will give you some utility that we will announce soon :)

Link to the episode:

Link to the mint:

PS: If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know!

All the best,