Why Kanfa?

Why Kanfa?

Kànfǎ is a Chinese word. It looks like this:


It shows a hand (手) over the eyes (目) and looking (看) into the distance. [1] And this is what I want to share here. My view & opinions - mainly on web3 but also on startups & sometimes life in general.

I'd definitely re-publish some of my Substack essays here. But I'd also do some experimental publishing. This raises the second question...

Why I moved here instead of sticking to Substack?

Since last year I've been thinking about one experiment. I couldn't do it on Substack alone, as I needed an NFT-gated newsletter. And it turned out that I had an amazing e-mail/NFT newsletter right under my nose.

I knew Colin (founder of Paragraph) from Farcaster but haven't checked his product in a while. So I took a look a few days ago and not only it supports both NFTs & e-mail but I like its UX much more than Substack's. So here we are.

In a few weeks, I'd perform this experiment where people who decide to mint the NFT will get access to some cyberpunk-styled content of mine. It's going to be a 100% fun project for me combining visual arts & writing so I'm looking forward to pulling it off.

Hope you'll like it!

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