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Let's explore a set of strategies to apply using one of the top blockchain intelligence tools! 🧰

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Here are all its functions:

➮ Live DEX Master

➮ Token Genius

➮ Wallet Deep Explorer

➮ On-chain GPT

➮ Perp DEX Flows

➮ Smart Alerts & Watch Lists

That's all you need!

Let's explore a set of strategies to apply using one of the top blockchain intelligence tools!

There's a wealth of information here! Today, there's an array of tools making on-chain analysis easier. You must choose one and master one of them! That's what will enable you to spot opportunities before everyone else!

Before presenting you with some analyses, know this tool is one of the only tools that launched a quest where you can learn and earn money simultaneously.

Complete tasks and try to win a share of $10,000 + PRO account giveaway!

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For some time now, I've been using ALPHANOMICS for on-chain analyses. I find it to be a comprehensive tool that allows for various strategies to discover interesting tokens, all in one place!

Let's explore some sections to discover GEMs.


Instead of presenting a single strategy, I'll introduce a range of analyses you can perform with this tool. By combining these analyses, you can define your ultimate strategy! Let's dive into the different sections of this tool to see the various analyses you can do.

Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting, this platform is tailored to elevate your crypto journey.

Dive deep into the vast ocean of crypto data and emerge with insights that can redefine your trading strategies. Here's what Alphanomics brings to the table:

  1. Live DEX Metrics: No more sifting through endless data. Get a real-time on-chain data stream that offers a genuine pulse of the market.

    Another interesting section is the "Live DEX Master" section, which provides real-time insights into DEX trades.

    You'll also find two other crucial pieces of information:

    - Top Volume Tokens → Hottest trends

    - Top Whale Trades → Largest trades

Spot emerging tokens, discern market behaviors, and differentiate between genuine market movements and the noise. With segmented summary tables, you can instantly observe significant transactions, tokens with the highest trading volume, and more.

  1. Wallet Deep Explorer: Ever been curious about a wallet's journey? Dive into its history, track its performance, and deduce its nature.

    Found a smart address and want to analyze its activity?

    Easy, use "Wallet Deep Explorer."

    It provides all the necessary information about the address:

    - Macro description

    - Portfolio Distribution

    - Easy-to-understand charts

    - Transaction details

    - CEX Exchange Usage

Whether it's a savvy DEX trader making waves or a long-term holder silently observing, get insights that were previously unimaginable. Strategies like copy trading are no longer a dream but a tangible reality.

  1. Token Genius: Every token has a story, and Token Genius is your storyteller. From detailed insights into transactions to understanding the top holders, it's your one-stop shop for comprehensive token research.

    For a given token, it provides you with:

    - Top DEX traders

    - Top accumulators

    - Whale transactions

    "Top DEX traders" is a feature that displays the list of the top traders with the highest realized profits.

Essential for due diligence, this tool can be the difference between spotting a potential high-return investment and a dud.

  1. Smart Alerts: The crypto world never sleeps, and with Smart Alerts, neither will your insights.

    You can also discover the next x100 token in the "Smart Whales" section!

    See real-time purchases and sales by smart whales. You can even filter to display only VC trades!

  1. The tool also offers essential information about perp DEXs, giving you a macro view of the market. Open interest, for instance, helps determine if the market is bearish or bullish. Pay attention to liquidations too, high liquidations can have a significant impact on prices

  1. It's also crucial to analyze CEX inflows/outflows.

    - Significant inflow to a CEX indicates selling, a bearish signal.

    - Significant outflow from a CEX indicates holding, a bullish signal. Alphanomics provides access to this vital information!

The more a token is accumulated, the more likely its price will rise as it becomes rarer.

Alphanomics simplifies access to this information.

Now that we've covered all of that, what strategies can be used with this tool?

A ton of strategies can be employed:

- Tracking smart money investments

- Checking accumulations

- Monitoring CEX inflows/outflows…

Just pick your favorite wallet and enjoy tracking the most profitable wallets. You can even set the alerts to copy their trades, as simple as it is

Customize your alerts for specific market events, from significant whale movements to emerging token trends. Stay informed, stay ahead.

One of my favorite sections is "On-chain GPT," which provides a written summary of token evolution when you don't have time for in-depth on-chain analysis. It reads like a journal!

Zealy Campaign: Ready to amplify your crypto journey? Join the 40-day event on Zealy. Master the art of spotting crypto gems, win a share from a whopping $10k prize pool, and get a chance for exclusive access to Alphanomics PRO. It's not just an event; it's a transformation


In conclusion, Alphanomics isn't just another platform; it's a revolution. Dive deep, trade smart, and be at the forefront of the crypto world. The future is here, and it's Alphanomics


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