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Are you tired of Google Chrome slowing down your computer? You might find this helpful.

Here are 7 simple ways to speed up your Chrome Browser.

The world’s most popular browser is Google Chrome.

Unfortunately it sucks your computer memory and slows it to a crawl.

Here are 7 simple ways to speed up your Chrome Browser

Before we start, ensure you’re using the latest version of Chrome.

  • Click the 3 dots (Options)

  • Choose ‘help’

  • Click ‘about Google Chrome’

It’ll tell you if yours is up-to-date.

If it’s not, update it now.



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1: Clear your browsing data.

As you visit more + more websites, data accumulates in Chrome.

This slows your browser down.

Have a clear out:

  • Choose the ‘Chrome’ tab

  • Click ‘clear browsing data’

  • Choose ‘All time’

Now you can select which elements you want to clear.

Then clear your data.

2: Set up auto-delete.

Clearing data ONCE isn’t enough - do it regularly to ensure it doesn't accumulate again.


  • Options

  • Settings

  • Manage Google account

  • Manage data + personalization

  • Manage data + privacy

  • Web + app activity

Turn auto-delete on + delete your old activity automatically.

3: Disable extensions you aren’t using.

Extensions are wonderful, but they slow down your computer.

Remove the extensions you don’t actually need:

  • Go to 'Options'

  • Click 'More tools'

  • Choose 'Extensions'

Then disable and remove the ones you no longer use.

4: Remove web apps.

Chrome apps suck memory so if you don’t need them, remove them.

Go to chrome://apps to see which you have installed:

  • Right click on any you don’t use

  • Remove them

It’s time for a clear out.

5: Make webpages open faster with prefetch.

Prefetch anticipates where you might go next.

Turn prefetch on with the following steps:

  • Go to chrome://settings/cookies

  • Turn on ‘preload pages for faster browsing’

It loads your next page in the background for faster access.

6: Suspend your tabs.

I often have a gazillion tabs open at once which slows my browser.

The Great Suspender app solves this:

  • It suspends tabs I’ve not used for a while.

  • But keeps them open for when I need them

This saves on memory while tabs are dormant.


7: Use experimental features

Go to chrome://flags to use these.

Here, you can try features that haven’t been fully released.

Consider these 3 flags:

  • ‘Parallel downloading’ improves download speed

  • ‘Back-forward cache’ stores sites for quick use

  • ‘Override software rendering list’ uses GPU acceleration

Give them a go.

credit: Tessa Davis


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Now - clear host cache

I bet you loved this one 😬, am I right ?

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