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Will This New Exchange Fix Crypto?

Unlock non-custodial crypto trading with friendly features (such as an order book, fast execution, deep liquidity, etc.) on GRVT powered by zkSync.

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Gravity (GRVT) is a self-custodial crypto hybrid exchange that offers a Robinhood-like user experience, but is decentralized and self-custodial like Uniswap. GRVT will operate as a Hyperchain using the ZK Stack, which can connect to every dapp running in the zkSync ecosystem, including sovereign Hyperchains via Hyperbridge.

The first hybrid decentralized exchange:

The complexities of centralized exchanges—managing private keys, bridging, and depositing funds from external sources—are critical obstacles to mass adoption. GRVT’s hybrid DEX is a self-custodial centralized exchange—a new model that delivers a centralized finance experience while maintaining self-custody and composability. This is made possible by ZK Stack’s native account abstraction built in at the protocol level.

Powering 600,000 trades-per-second with ZK Stack:

The ZK Stack is a free, modular, open-source framework designed to build custom ZK-powered L2s and L3s (referred to as Hyperchains), based on zkSync Era’s open source code. At its core, the ZK Stack offers two key features: sovereignty with seamless connectivity. Builders such as GRVT possess full rights to the code and enjoy unrestricted autonomy to customize and shape every aspect of the chain.

An entry point for enterprises:

The ZK Stack is the entry point for enterprises, institutions, and traditional finance into the crypto ecosystem. GRVT’s decision to leverage Hyperchains stems from their need for high throughput, low latency, and a UX akin to CeFi while retaining their users’ ability to self-custody.

Hyperchains facilitate this by enabling Gravity to:

  1. Build private app-chains (aka, Hyperchain) for custom sequencing logic

  2. Horizontally scale its underlying infrastructure across multiple interoperable app-chains

  3. Maintain data privacy of sensitive information

The forthcoming GRVT Hybrid Exchange, set to launch soon, aims to merge the advantages of a centralized exchange—liquidity, high transactions per second (TPS), and regulatory compliance—with the self-custody features typically associated with decentralized exchanges. This combination offers a promising solution for those seeking a robust trading platform.

GRVT, pronounced as "gravity," presents several noteworthy aspects:

1. Hyperchain in the zkSync Ecosystem: GRVT operates as a Hyperchain within the zkSync ecosystem. Hyperchains are customized interconnected blockchains developed using the ZK Stack framework. The GRVT Hyperchain will function as a zkSync Layer 3, ensuring efficient and secure transaction processing.

2. Backed by Key Investors: GRVT has garnered support from significant investors, including Matter Labs, the developer behind the zkSync scaling solution. This backing adds credibility to the platform's capabilities and reliability.

3. Horizontal Scaling with zkSync: GRVT employs zkSync's horizontal scaling approach, a concept described by CEO Hong Yea. This approach involves deploying additional underlying pairs as new hyperchains, such as BTC/USDT perpetual futures. This scalability enables high-frequency traders to conduct transactions efficiently, achieving high TPS akin to centralized exchanges.

In the aftermath of Sam Bankman-Fried's actions that negatively impacted FTX users, there is a clear need for a compliant and scalable exchange catering to derivatives trading while preserving users' custody of their assets. If GRVT successfully accomplishes this delicate balance, it will mark a significant achievement in the cryptocurrency space.

GRVT is scheduled to commence operations in a closed alpha mode next month and plans for a full public launch in Q1 2024. Additionally, the platform intends to introduce its AIRDROP. Interested parties can already sign up to accumulate GRVT points for future airdrops.

GRVT's hybrid exchange concept, zkSync integration, notable backing, and focus on compliance and user custody position it as a promising player in the cryptocurrency exchange arena. Its launch is eagerly anticipated within the crypto community.


Safe, Simple and Scalable Crypto Trading for Everyone

Future of Crypto Trading, Hybrid Exchanges, and GRVT

GRVT Documentation

GRVT Will Be having A possible Airdrop.

You do not need funds to position, just sign up here with your emails and refer your friends. Project is valued above $39M, Docs shows the points you earn can potential qualify you.

Go to:

Take this very serious!!!

Become An Early Ambassador

Here's what to expect:

Three phases leading to GRVT rewards:

- Phase 0: Building Ambassador Community (Ongoing)

- Phase 1: Invite-only waitlist (Coming Soon)

- Phase 2: Open beta with a Trading competition (Coming Soon)

Why join now?

- GRVT token rewards on Mainnet launch

- Phase 0 sets the foundation for greater point gains

- Invite active traders to boost your points

- Early Access to Testnet

- Exclusive invite codes for Phase 1

- Stay tuned for more benefits and perks!


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