Lex, the AI writing tool, is evolving.

Comments + AI Rewrite!

As of late last night, Lex (https://lex.page) now has AI suggestions when you highlight a string of text and comments (including saved draft comments). You can probably guess where that develops further with multiple options for different sentences etc. 

Admittedly I just assumed Lex was a writing tool plus AI features, like most others, seem to be. It's really becoming your writing collaborator. It is thinking of the writing tool experience with AI baked in from the start. Imagine if AI was your first port of call to collaborate on your documents.

Feature 1: Comments

You can now leave comments on documents! Just highlight some text and click the "Add Comment" button that appears in the right margin of the page on desktop, and in the header toolbar on mobile. It's similar to Google Docs comments, with a few key enhancements:

  • You can write draft comments and come back to them later before publishing. This is really helpful when you're reading through a document and giving feedback. Sometimes you realize a comment you left early in the draft would benefit from context you only gained after reading further into the document!

  • Navigate between comments using your arrow keys. It can be a pain to wade through all the comments by pointing and clicking. With Lex you can stay on the keyboard!

  • Works smoothly on mobile web. For some reason few (no?) other word processors have a smooth mobile web experience for commenting.

Feature 2: AI Rewrite

If you ever have a sentence or paragraph that you think is kind of lame but you're not sure how to fix it, you can now just highlight the text and click the "AI Rewrite" button. The AI will leave a comment with a suggestion for a rewrite.

Fun easter egg: if you highlight just one word, the AI will give you a list of synonyms :)

Right now the waitlist for Lex has 18k+ people on it, but I have 9 invite's to send (will get access within days.)

All you have do in order to receive invite, just subscribe my newsletter... that's it!

first come, first served




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