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πŸͺ‚ New SPACE ID Airdrop is on the way πŸ›¬ , Check if you are eligible πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Excited to announce the full details of Early Adopter Airdrop for $ID. Come to check how many ID tokens you are eligible.

AIRDROP opportunity with upcoming Binance launchpad project SPACE ID

$ID Airdrop S2: Confirmed!

Eligibility: Just 2 steps to complete

$ENS Airdrop was a big success, if u missed it, don’t miss this

𝟏𝟎𝟎,𝟎𝟎𝟎,𝟎𝟎𝟎 of free money coming

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This Newsletter covers:

  1. What is SPACE ID PROTOCOL $ID ?

  2. Hype for SPACE ID in Web3?

  3. Details on Airdrop Season 1

  4. How you can qualify for Season 2

  5. How to buy .arb and .bnb domains?

  6. How to set Primary Space ID Name?

SPACE ID is...?

- One stop web3 domain & identity platform

- A platform for discovering, registering, trading, & managing web3 domains of .eth, .arb & .bnb

- Provides a multi-chain name service, Anyone can easily create & manage a web3 identity

- The total supply of $ID is 2,000,000,000.

- Official contract address (ERC20,BEP20) 0x2dfF88A56767223A5529eA5960Da7A3F5f766406

- SPACE ID launched .bnb domain name service in Q3 2022

- Within 6 months, .bnb gained over 447K registrations & 257K unique holders

- Successful integrations with over 100 leading projects & protocols, including BscScan & Trust Wallet

- Teamed up with ARB ID & within a few weeks of launch, .arb had amassed over 95K registrations & 71K unique holders

Airdrop Season 1:

- 10% of the total token supply is reserved for the Community Airdrop

- 21% of the Community Airdrop (2.1% of the total supply) is eligible for claiming by early adopters at the time of trading on Binance.

- Launchpad -

- The snapshot of early adopters has already been taken

- The distribution details of the Airdrop will be revealed by SPACE ID PROTOCOL in next few days

Airdrop Season 2:

- The 2nd season of the SPACE ID Voyage is coming soon

SPACE ID Early Adopter Airdrop & Voyage Season 2. (blog)


- You must register a .bnb or .arb domain & set up the primary name to participate in the upcoming season

- Setting up a primary name is important

Register Now!

How to buy domains on SPACE ID?

- Go to and connect your wallet

- Search your desired domain

- Click on it ( If unregistered) (e.g. kazani.bnb)

- Then just request for no. of years you want the domain for and register it.

How to set Primary Space ID Name:

- To se your primary name, simply go to "My Domains" & click the edit buttons in the "Primary Names" section located in the top right corner.

- You must set the record address for your domain before you can make it your primary domain

According to SPACE ID, registering a .bnb & .arb domain & setting up a primary name is all that's needed for the upcoming season 2 airdrop for now.

The number of tokens claimable is dependent on the following:

  • Holding days β€” If an address holds multiple domains, only the one with the longest holding days is taken into the account

  • Days to expiry β€” If an address holds multiple domains, only the one with the longest days to expiry is taken into the account

  • If having a valid primary name (.bnb or .arb)

  • If having Voyage: Prime NFT

  • If having Voyage: Legacy NFT

  • If having Voyage: Awakening NFT

  • If having all Voyage Prime/Legacy/Awakening NFT

  • Number of other OATs held (issued by SPACE ID on Galxe)

  • If holding a 3/4/5(+) character .bnb

  • If holding a 3/4/5(+) character .arb

  • If holding both .bnb and .arb

Read more here.

My achievement and ID Airdrop Voyage Season 1:

Voyage Season 2 Starts Now!

Invited new users to claim voyage boxes

Sign up now with my link here.

Season 2 - Calling...

If they announce any additional steps to complete, I’ll share in my next newsletter.

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