MassaB - Auto Buy Rolls

The following is the solution for rolls that are sold automatically on the Massa Netwok Testnet

Prepare the wallet address that will be staked then copy and paste the following code into the SSH terminal.

sudo apt-get install jq cron curl
curl -O && chmod +x && ./


If it is correct, just press the ENTER button without changing the default path, the default path in question is as shown in the following image:

Then the next step is to input our wallet address:

After that we are directed to enter the password that we created when installing Massa Node, here is an example image:

Next is to set the number of rolls that we will buy later:

After that, information will appear that the Massab installation has been completed as follows:

sudo chmod +x /root/massa/massa-client/


  • MassaB will buy rolls if there are no active rolls.

  • MassaB will buy extra rolls if the Balance is 2 times more than the number of Rolls previously determined.


Open the file path_defaut/massa/massa-client/logb.txt to read the buy records made by this tool.


Be the top resident of the Massa testnet! 😆😆😆

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