Mina Bot - Testworld 2.0

The first step is to chat with @BotFather on Telegram:

Then click START

Then type or send the command /newbot

Then give the bot a name, for example Mina Node

Then give Bot a username, for example nodeminabot. Remember the username must end in bot

Well, the bot has been successfully created. Next, copy our bot token, for example 5822212601:AAH0wTyMhASWnuYrFVD4PRoBEdgWuKDg6s4

Then run the following code into the terminal:

wget -O install_minabot.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/maragung/testnet/main/mina/install_minabot.sh && chmod +x ./install_minabot.sh && ./install_minabot.sh && rm -rf install_minabot.sh

Then Enter / Paste the Token code that we created earlier. Like the example in the following image then press ENTER

If successful, a display like the image below will appear.

Next is the chat bot that you created earlier. and type /start to start.

To activate the info every hour, type /enable

Good luck!!

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