Namada - The Anoma Foundation To Allocate 10 Million NAM Tokens in Namada's First Community Builder RPGF Round

This initiative aims to recognize and reward early contributors to Namada's Community Builders Program, individuals and entities who have significantly furthered the protocol's mission and vision.

The Anoma Foundation underscores its commitment to this cause by allocating 10 million NAM tokens to deserving recipients in this RPGF round. This allocation will be part of the proposed genesis block for Namada mainnet, serving as an acknowledgment of those who have supported the project from its infancy, including validators active in early public testnets.

Acknowledging Early Validators

Validators who have participated in early Namada testnets, solved emerging issues, and flagged network challenges have been considered key members of Namada's Community.

These contributors are strongly encouraged to apply for this program. Eligibility will be determined through a process of peer attestation, ensuring a community-driven approach to rewards distribution.

About Namada's Protocol

Beyond its technical capabilities, Namada exists as a comprehensive ecosystem focused on modular privacy and the funding of privacy as a public good. The network incorporates mechanisms like shielded set rewards and a dedicated Public Goods Funding (PGF) mechanism which enables the governance-elected stewards to fund public goods across domains.

The network's native token, NAM, is not just a vehicle for proof-of-stake and governance; it plays a crucial role in aligning community incentives with the network's goals.

How to Join the Community Builders Program

In order to qualify for the Community Builders' RPGF Round, interested parties must apply to become Community Builders through the following steps:

Voting Mechanism

In this RPGF round, the voting process will involve both early PGF stewards and Community Builders. All participants will use the Coordinape platform to cast their votes. 

Community Builders will possess 40% of the total voting weight, while early PGF stewards will hold the remaining 60%. Once voting concludes, the Anoma Foundation will be informed of the results for final allocation and recipients to be included in the genesis block proposal.

Key Timelines

  • Immediate sign-ups are open for prospective Community Builders. Sign up here today.

  • The Community Builder contribution period will run from Thursday, October 19th, to Sunday, November 19th

  • The Coordinape voting epoch will start on Monday, November 20th, and conclude on Monday, November 27th

This RPGF Round emphasizes Namada's commitment to rewarding early and significant contributors of its development. Through this initiative, Namada aims to strengthen its community and fortify its trajectory towards a decentralized, privacy-focused future and public goods funding.

For further details and regular updates, visit and follow Namada on Twitter.

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