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The Golden Ticket

~only 21 in the collection

Our team loved creating the Art for the Kindred Hearts collection! We thought we’d share a few hidden gems in the collection and also highlight some rewards for collecting certain sets.

The Art Cards include a number of traits and features highlighting work from one of our 50+ Artists! 

Golden Ticket Rewards

If you are fortunate to mint or collect a Golden Ticket, the Golden Ticket holder may be awarded Mint passes at any time until the project mints out.

  1. Full Golden Ticket Background 

    1. 20 Mint Passes awarded 

  2. ½ Golden Ticket Background   

    1. 10 Mint Passes awarded 

To claim, please contact the team on Twitter @KindredHeartsIO.   The initial claim can only be made once, however; awards may be periodically gifted for current Golden Ticket holders.  

Full Sets of Element Cards

A full set Kindred Heart Art Card includes one each of the Universal Elements - Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit. (Hint–Spirit Cards are the most rare, if you already have one in your collection you are lucky!)

If you own a set, from time to time the team may air drop you prizes. We have limited ability to snapshot full sets based on traits, so please contact the team @KindredHeartsIO in the event we missed you.

Rarity Priority 

The high level rarity priority of the 7,777 Art Cards is 

  • 21  1/1’s from Gabe Weis, Ishita, David Garabaldi, and many more!

  • ~21 Golden Tickets, with currently 13 minted (6 Full, 7 Half)

  • Artist Rarity is .5% for background, hearts and charms

  • Artist Rarity ~ 3 Artists,   2 Artists and 1 Artist

  • 5 Universal Elements

  • Significant Numbers

  • Levels ~ Sacred Alchemy and Moods

  • Boosts ~ 2 or more  Levels

And we plan to have more fun along the way!  For the Month of February we are having Weekly Card Readings, so join us in Twitter spaces.

Come and learn about your Kindred Hearts Art Cards.  Comment here, or drop us a note on Twitter 😊