Lucky Hearts Prize Pool

Mint a heart, enter to win

The Kindred Hearts team is excited to announce our Lucky Hearts Prize Pool!  We have amazing prizes that have been donated by Web3 Artists and builders in support of our campaign with the American Heart Association and we’d like to reward those who mint! 

We have outstanding Art from artists including Gabe Weis, Sabet, Adamtastic, Mo Runda, DrainedEye, Gazelle, a custom Wunk and dozens  more!  We have incredible experiences including a Trevor Jones Castle Party ticket, 30-60 minute Consultations with Sam Hysell, Jen Stein, Creatress, Jason Matias, Matt Hixon, and many more!

The purpose of our raffle is to reward our collectors and to drive awareness of our campaign with the American Heart Association's Life Is Why™ Campaign. 

To participate: 

  • Review the Rules posted at the bottom of the message

  • Mint for .05 ETH to be eligible from 1/17/23 - 2/28/23

  • Register @

    Amazing Art Prizes 

    • Gabe Weis 1 of 1  @gabeweisart

    • Adamtastic “Kindred” 1 of 1  @ItsAdamtastic

    • Sabet  Divinity Artist Proof 1 of 10 Edition  @sabet

    • DrainedEye 1/1 @DrainedEye

    • Mo Runda “Impermanence” 1 of 1 @mo_runda

    • Jason Matias  A Genesis piece! @realjasonmatias

    • Dream Engines From Artblocks @ RemoCamero

    • JJ Weinberg  - Limited Edition Giclee Print "We Bleed Blue" @jaygotgame

    • “King Red Heart” 1 of 1 by @Gazelledasti

    • A custom Wunk  by  @wunksnft

    • ChazzGold 1 of 1 @SOTD_NFT

    • Jason Matias Unclaimed Faces collection  @realjasonmatias

    • Naama O. Pozniak  1 of 1 @ aplusinsurances

    • Legacy by Fer @FerCaggianoArt  

    • MIGGSEYE  “Roll Rock King” @MIGGSEYE

    • “Under the Surface Looking at the Sun” by @ashcooperkern

    • Generative Art by @ HudsonGroupNFT

    • Limited Edition @sketchpoetic print

    • “Miracles go to Mars” NFT by @katiechonacas

    • “Willing Heart” by @xoj9

    • “Eternal Garden”/ TKtheLEgend donated by @blackdave

    • “September Mourning” Emily Lazar” donated by @blackdave Trevor Jones 2023 Castle party ticket in France! @trevorjonesart

      Unique Experiences

    • 30 minute Consultation with the Founder of NFT Now, Sam Hysell @samhysell

    • 30 minute Consultation / 1 on 1 Minting / Onboarding session with the radical @jenergizerr!

    • 30 minute on social strategy consulting with @matthixson

    • 30 minute AMA or Virtual Gallery Walk through with amazing 3D Artist @creatressart

    • 30 minute discussion to chat about crypto philanthropy & fundraising in the Web3 space @roguewingchick

    • 30 minute Creative Strategy Session with @redlaserfalcon

    • 60 minute Creative Playpenn Session with Jeannine ... create art, creative brainstorming and/or just a hangout ...  @xoj9

    • 60 minutes with @blackdave 

    • 30 minutes Consultation with JJ Weinberg  @jaygotgame

    • 60 minutes Animation with vector programs, or the music production process and creating music NFTs @treeoflyfemusic

    • 30-60 minutes Self produced Music Experience with @flavdotio  

    • $100 gift box of California Balsamic Heart ❤️ Healthy Balsamics!  @MauiNancy

    • Podcast episode experience with @katiechonacas  

    • Security Audit by @bootsinthebooth 

    • Self produced Music experience with @flavdotio 

We’d also like to thank the following for their donations that have already been awarded throughout the campaign:

Seize The Meebs! Allowlist from @sergito

30 Minute Creative Session with @soulcurryart

Healing Code by @sabet

NFT by @RemoCamer

NFT by @DrainedEye


  1. Each Kindred Heart Art Card purchased for .05 ETH (or USD equivalent) between 1/17/23 and 2/28/23 is eligible to enter to win one of the donated items.

  2. To enter the drawing, users must fill out the typeform so that we can contact the winners

  3. The prizes will be awarded throughout the month of February and will utilize a Random Integer number utilizing

  4. Winning numbers will be contacted within 48 hours and our team will reach out to winners.  Must be claimed within 14 days.

  5. Members of the Kindred Heart Team are not eligible.  The estimated value of all prizes is less than $600 USD.

For any questions, feel free to post a comment here, or DM us on Twitter @KindredHeartsIO