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Keeping it Real!

We are excited to share we have crossed $50,000 funds raised to support our nonprofits!  The market continues to be a challenge, but we continue to make an impact and we love to see our positive community growing.  

For Kindred Heart holders who entered the Lucky Hearts raffle, we are excited to share we airdropped (2) mint passes per wallet.  We’d love for you to keep one and share one with an amazing person to join our community.

We will continue to reward our collectors!  If you’d like to join the collector list, here is the best ways to participate:

Over the next few weeks, we are working on connecting with nonprofits, updating the website, and looking for new opportunities to make an impact!

For our next campaign, we are evaluating which nonprofits the community would like to support next. As we continue to learn more with each nonprofit campaign, we are excited to take our lessons learned and continue to grow our community.

We have a number of nonprofit candidates but we would love to hear what nonprofits you’d like us to consider supporting.  Please comment here or send us a DM on Twitter.