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Our Campaign Drive for UPBRING is Live!

We're excited to announce our campaign drive for UPBRING is LIVE!

Kindred Hearts plans to donate 50% of its net proceeds to the Crypto Endowment Fund for Better Childhoods.

To help:

  1. Mint a Kindred Heart at https: / for only 0.05 ETH

  2. Purchase a Kindred Heart with a Credit Card (~ approx $100)

  3. Help us get the word out by sharing our campaign with friends and family!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and National Foster Care Month, and we are bringing awareness to support this amazing organization!

Upbring provides a wide range of services to children and families, including foster care, adoption, education, and counseling. Through their programs, Upbring has helped thousands of children and families overcome adversity and build a better life.

Join us in making a difference and help us continue to deliver on our commitments. Visit https: / to learn about Upbring's mission. And visit our website at https: / to learn more about Kindred Hearts and how you can support our efforts to create a better world for children and families.

Follow us on Twitter at @KindredHeartsIO and @UpbringOrg for updates and news. If you have any questions, email or DM us on Twitter!