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Kindred Hearts Names Upbring as Next Nonprofit Beneficiary

Crypto Endowment Fund for Better Childhoods

As announced at NFT NYC, Johnny spoke on the "NFTs for Good" panel and had a great panel discussion on the challenges of the Web3 space. Johnny was super excited to announce Upbring as our next beneficiary!

Upbring is an innovative and amazing organization attempting to end the cycle of child abuse. Upbring contributed 13 unique hearts to the Kindred Hearts Collection and we look forward to sharing more stories in the month of May.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and National Foster Care Month, both of which are important initiatives that Kindred Hearts is passionate about and aligns to Upbrings mission. In response to the urgent crisis facing children and families, Kindred Hearts plans to donate 50% of its net proceeds to the Crypto Endowment Fund for Better Childhoods.

"Upbring is an incredible organization that is making a real impact in the lives of children and families," said Johnny Utah, the Founder of Favrit. "We are honored to support their efforts and drive awareness to the urgent need for sustainable funding and systemic change. With our donations to the Crypto Endowment Fund for Better Childhoods, we can help create a brighter future for generations to come."

Upbring provides a wide range of services to children and families, including foster care, adoption, education, and counseling. Through their programs, Upbring has helped thousands of children and families overcome adversity and build a better life.

Join us in making a difference and help us continue to deliver on our commitments. Visit to learn about Upbring's mission. And visit our website at to learn more about Kindred Hearts and how you can support our efforts to create a better world for children and families.

Follow us on Twitter at @KindredHeartsIO and @UpbringOrg for updates and news.


Johnny Utah is the Founder of Favrit, a company focused on crypto and NFT markets. Favrit launched Kindred Hearts in March 2022, an Art Collectible platform focused on giving back. Kindred Hearts partners with organizations making a real impact in the world and has raised $50,068 to date.


Upbring is a Texas-based 501( c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been helping children and families thrive for more than 137 years through foster care, adoption, education, residential treatment, and community services.

Upbring Innovation Labs

Upbring Innovation Labs, a division of Upbring, is a group of creators dedicated to exploring innovative solutions in business, technology, and data to shape better childhoods. We believe abuse insults our humanity and defeating abuse requires a significant increase of innovation in child wellbeing. Through partnerships with entrepreneurs, business leaders, startups, and universities, we aim to turn ideas into real programs and services that will ultimately break the cycle of child abuse.

The Crypto Endowment Fund for Better Childhoods

Upbring’s Crypto Endowment Fund for Better Childhoods is a national endowment fund fueling innovation in child well-being. It serves as Upbring Innovation Lab’s investment portfolio, powered by cryptocurrency and managed by our partners at The Giving Block. In the short term, 100% of donations will be used to execute the Fund’s holding strategy. Over time, the Fund’s earned interest will be used to sustainably finance cutting-edge technology, business, and programmatic solutions that break the cycle of child abuse.