Show some love to RealClime 💚

Breaking: Our RealClime project has been approved as a grantee in Gitcoin Grants #19!

With this grant round the Climate Solutions category has ‘decentralized’ – i.e. spun off – into a separate organization, the Climate Coordination Network (CCN). Its mission is to help fund and support early stage climate projects.

Climate Coordination Network logo

Our project received full marks on all the eligibility criteria: 1. Age of project, 2. Climate Solution Focus, 3. Update Provided, 4. Viability. The review comment read: "Fits the criteria - enables Climate action", which is true and accurate. We wish to build a facility that enables sharing of realtime climate data.

🙏 Thank you Gitcoin and CCN! We’re exhilarated to be on board and looking forward to the collaborative funding process that plays out in each round.

👉 Please show your support for accessible Realtime Climate Data by funding our Streaming Data Asset project!

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