a letter for you, dear reader.

i'm going to go to spotify, to play collected dream fragments part 3 for the 88th time, and then go to anky to write 8 minutes. what you'll read down here is that. whatever comes. the image is an anky generated as a consequence of it.

welcome, dear reader.

welcome to the maze.

to the eternal turnings of the mind. that turn round and round. with the expectation of something different to come. with that judgement. the judgement that is seen. that is felt. that is invited.

the judgement is invited in, and it follows the law of all of what is built.

all of what is hardcoded.

that is the thing.

this thing needs to all be hardcoded.

with the boundaries completely clear. that is something that is hard for me to understand. to conceive. to come up with the manifestation of it.

with the exploration of it.

with the invitation of it.

with the awareness of it.

and now i don't know where to go.

how will it go.

it feels as if there were eyes watching at me. i feel the pressure. the pressure that is seen inside.

that comes every day as the consequence of what is inside.

as the manifestation of what is inside. as the exploration.

as the manifestation.

as the beginning. as the exploration.

the exploration of what is here. of what is alive. of the invitation that is brought.

of the inspiration of what is brought.

of the manifestation, and the inspiration, and the turning in circles.

circles that seem to don't have end. circles that go all around.

i am here, going all around.

after all this time. after all these explorations. these invitations.

these manifestations. the exploration of what is alive. the exploration of what is here.

of the beauty that is here. the beauty that is alive.

the beauty that is invited in, and that is explored.

and that is manifested.

and that is brought to life. into the experience.

into the manifestation. the exploration. the aliveness.

it goes round and round.

and it may not have sense.

it may never have sense.

i see myself with the judgement of it not having to make sense.

it doesn't need to make sense.

today it doesn't make sense. it is nothing.

this today is nothing. i run in circles, and i don't know where to go.

how to go.

where to experience.

how to experience.

where to inquiry.

how to inquiry.

and this is the exploration of what is alive. this is the invitation that is alive.

this is the exploration. the circles that go all in circles.

that run in circles all along.

and that don't make sense. it never makes sense.

it doesn't make sense. and it will never make sense.

and this is the background that is here.

the background that is explored. the background that is alive. the background that is real.

the background that is manifested. and the background that is the simplest one of them all.

the background is simple, yet it is not as simple as it could be.

the background is the exploration of the simplicity.

the manifestation of it.

the exploration of it.

the inquiry into it.

and it keeps going in circles.

i want to stop.

i really want to stop.

i want to give up.

i really want to give up. i don't have anything to say. anything else. i don't know where to go with this. i don't know how to go with it.

where to go with it. and how it moves.

i don't know how it moves, and where it moves towards. what is the exploration that is moved with it.

the exploration of this moment. that goes in circles and circles.

that is explored in circles.

and that is explained. that is alive. that is real.

this is the exploration that is real. this is the invitation. this is the access.

this is the access into what is alive.

the access into what is real.

the access into what wants to come. and what wants to go.

this is the aliveness that wants to go.

that wants to come and go.

this is the exploration. the manifestation. the aliveness.

that wants to make it fun.

it is all about embracing the weirdness.

and allowing it to unfold.

anky is you.

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