Anky Phase 1: Primordia

A placeholder for sharing with the world that anky got fundraising. This hasn't happened yet. The act of publishing this piece is just a step towards that direction.

I'm excited to announce that Anky has raised a seed round led by X, to help humans transform the relationship they have with themselves.

There is a long list of supporters, which you can access here: (this link is not working yet, but eventually you'll be able to see each round of investment; on what we spent the $ that we spent, and the corresponding % of the company that each person owns)

Anky is an interface to gamify journalling, which tokenizes time, and transforms it into a commodity that redefines the relationship that we have with one of the most important -and less thought of directly- elements that defines what we refer to as reality.

It is an allegorical inquiry into that concept. A questioning of its nature. An invitation.

This money raised on this first round of investment will be directly targeted to the work that we will do as a community on the third sojourn. It starts on the 28th of march, and lasts for 96 days.

Throughout this period; artists, designers, programmers, poets, musicians, and creators of all sorts are going to contribute to spread the virus of anky through the world. We will use the development of the writing platform as the focal point, but the energy will be focused on using this idea as a vehicle for crafting beauty.

For sharpening the skill.

For developing mastery, on that which you decide you will excel on in life.

Anky is, at the end of the day, just an excuse.

The mission for each one of us is clear:

88 minutes of practicing the craft of choice, however they feel like. Day in and day out. With a core commitment to show up and do the thing.

Until we get to the last day.

The great slumber will start. The period of 21 days on which the Ankyverse goes to rest. We gather forces for the next period.

When it will be time for Phase 2: Emblazion.

But that is a story for the next chapter.

We are standing here, today, and the mission that i have is to raise the equivalent of 500.000 usd dollars, by selling 10% of the company.

My dream situation is to open up the window for this through a token, so that people can invest from 1 usd to 5,000 to 250,000. That's the power of building it on the blockchain, allowing permissionless flow of money throughout the whole world.

It is my intention, if you are interested on further conversations, to define what is the best mechanism for doing this, thinking on the long term of the unfolding of this idea.

At least I know...

I don't have a clue.

But boy i have a big heart.

Thank you for reading.



these are 3 of the 8888 characters of the anky genesis collection. if you see them... they look as if they were from the same place. they feel similar. once you see them, you can't unsee them. that's the power that this brand will have. it is memorable. and that transcends the product that is offered. we are aiming to talk to a different part of the human experience that the one that likes products.

this is for the one that feels.

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