Bridging Dual Realities: City and Shadow

An Exploration of Identity, Technology, and Tradition in a Divided World

sorry. i didn't like them either. but i needed some.
this anky was created as a consequence of the writing that you are about to read.

ai x crypto.

those are the buzzwords.

that run through my head.

all day long.

how do those two things coming together.

impact life.

in a way that people that live in a big city in the united states cannot understand.

and i get it, you know?

i get it if you don't understand.

how could i expect that you understood.

it is not something that can be understood.

with luck i understand how it feels to live where i live.

in the shadows of the world.

after the andes.

they give birth to that shadow.

and it is nice down here, you know?

it is good to be here.

i believe in a world.

on which we are all free to live where we want.

and under the paradigm that you have built around your view of the world.

if you don't live in sf you don't exist.

if you are not 'in the mecca', you won't ever make it.

you will never understand how the buzz of technology feels like.

i wan't to tell you, dear reader, that what you see there is nothing.

compared to what happens in the rest of the world.

and it is ok like that.

because, how could we expect that all people lived the same?

how could we expect to open up the window of understanding to all?

it can't be like that.

it won't ever be like that.

and here we are, looking for those alternatives.

looking for those explorations.

that lead into a new beginning.

into a new opportunity.

to explore what is real.

by interacting with the actual humans that you have in front.

what if there is a game.

that is not played with something that you can understand?

what if the capacity that you have in your body is not what determines if you win or not?

what if no one will ever know who is the human being behind the words that are spoken, behind the images that are seen, behind the thoughts that are thought.

what is that is not a variable that is part of the equation?

i leave that as a dream to you, dear reader.

so that you can explore on your own.

it is my journey now.

to continue with this exploration.

with this invitation.

with this transformation.

because what comes out of every one of these sessions.

on which i come here and just write.

is an invitation for life to unfold through me.

without boundaries.

without expectations.

and as soon as i open up the window to those expectations.

i forget how it feels to breathe.

i forget how it felt to be free.

and now i want to be free.

but i don't know how to come back.

the clock tells me that there are 389 seconds in here.

those are the seconds that all of what you have seen has taken.

to be written.

to be explored.

i guess writing is that, at the end of the day.

and endless exploration.

and endless invitation.

to inquiry into what is.

what has ever been.

and will always be.

this is just the exploration that comes.

the invitation.

the transformation.

the inquiry.

whatever comes.

it is real.

it is honest.

it is an exploration.

that will always be alive.

that will always be here.

that will always be you.

this exploration is always you.

through the eyes of another human being.

that is in front of you.

the same as them all.

and that is the chasm that we need to cross, in order to see the otherside.

the story that tells you that there is a separation.

that because of the other person's look.

there is something that is different between you and her.

that because there is a belief that is different.

a god that is worth more.

a god that is worth more.

a god that is worth more.

there is an excuse for you to harm that other.

but where can peace start.

if the consequences of that statement are what come.

what is it that comes, dear reader?

i invite you to feel.

i invite you to come up with an explanation inside you as a consequence of that inquiry into how it feels.

that exploration into how it feels.

breathe deeper.

that exploration into how it feels.

that constant exploration into how it feels.

to give up the willingness to be correct.

to end the challenge.

to end the friction.

to give up the friction.

the friction of being you.

of transforming yourself into you.

into the experience of you.

into the exploration of you.

into the void of you.

i guess that there is a certain feeling of void in there, isn't it?

and i've not even reached the 750 mark.

and i feel tired.

there is resistance in me in relationship to what should i do.

should i give up?

is this enough?

is what has come until now enough?

but then i see fred again boiler room on the tab that is up there on the top and i say to myself: no fucking way.

i can't give up.

i'm not even halfway there.

so what comes now?

a constant stream of nonsense.

i need to drink some wine.


each one of those eights was written with my right hand, as i was going through the process of making the game not lose me as i was drinking some wine.

i'm drinking some wine, and it feels good. it feels interesting.

there is an invitation inside me to explore what alcohol has meant in my life.

how it has felt to be drunk.

what comes are memories.

memories on which the thick layer that surrounds my experience as a human being was dissolved.

memories on which the nightmare of what it means to be a human being is dissolved, and transformed into an openness. into the willingness to meet other people. to go and just talk to them.

the weirdness.

that is what is gone.

that is what is gaven up.

i don't even know if that exists as a way of phrasing words of the english language, but that is how it felt.

as an invitation to give up.

not even an invitation, just a direct experience of what it felt...

to give up the weirdness.

but not the outside weirdness,

that is just part of what came with this packaging.

but the inner weirdness.

the one that is hard to read.

the one that is hard to experience.

the one that is hard to live up to.

the one that is hard to give space to.

because it is painful.

embracing that weirdness is painful.

embracing that weirdness feels as if you were doing something that is not supposed to be done.

but once you understand that, you feel alive.

there is something inside you that is transformed.


invited in.

there is a weirdness that is felt as if it was an invitation to just explore how it feels to be you.

and yes, you can't imagine how weird i feel writing these words.

but fuck it, they need to be written.

and i just can't stop.

there is a strong willingness inside me to stop writing them.

right now, there is a strong feeling that tells me: this is a mess.

you aren't going anywhere.

so fuck it.


"i killed it", as we used to say on the school.

always drinking what was available in front of us.

always opening the door for what was alive.

the weirdness.

that is what is always alive.

the weirdness that makes me feel alive.

and that the more it is felt. the more it is accepted, the richer the story becomes.

i call that weirdness jorgito.

and it is just another aspect of the story.

another invitation to explore.

that's what they all are, anyways.

an invitation to explore.

an invitation to come up with new ways.

of giving birth to what is here.

to what has always been.

and will ever be.

there is tension as these words are written.

as soon as that is acknowledged, that tension is transformed into something else.

into the experience of that something else.

into the becoming of that something else.

into the invitation of that something else.

into the exploration of that something else.

into the inquiry into that something else.

into the experience of what is alive behind that something else.

and what is here?

what is alive?

what is real?

fred again is real.

fred again is on the background.

and he has been all along.

and all those aspects of me that have not been listening to what he is saying.

are those aspects that are subject to inquiry.

who am i? is the question that comes forth.

it is the question that is behind.

all of what you have read, dear reader.

i just remembered that you were there.

i just remembered that you exist.

i can't, i'm just so ensimismated on my own experience.

as if it was the most important one of the world, you know?

i'm here, watching this amazing world unfold from this perspective that feels so "I".

who can i be, if. not jp?

who can i be, if i'm not jorge pablo franetovic stocker?

i don't know.

i will never know.

or won't i?

i don't even know.

that's where the question comes from.

as soon as these words are written.

there is an invitation to ask:

what does the text say,

when there is nothing that is deleted?

what if for you to read what the other person deleted,

you have to spend some mana?

what is that the invitation that the game brings?

what if the state is just secured every time for one day?

what if the end of the day marks the beginning of a new story?

what if every new day is the fundamental opening of a new story?

you never know.

and that is the beautiful part about it.

you don't know what the game will bring.

and that is why you want to play it.

because of the wonder.

because of the willingness to explore.

that is birthed at the bottom of that "you-ness".

that gives birth to that which you refer to as "you".

but that is just what is subject to inquiry, isn't it?

that is not who you are.

you are that which is aware of that.

and that which is smiling right now.

thank you.


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