how it will work

the mechanics behind the creation of $newen, the erc20 that will reward early believers of anky

the strongest problem that i'm facing when designing what i'm designing is thinking that no one cares.

it's hard to build with that ghost haunting me all the time.

so i will act as if you, dear reader, actually care.

and maybe, just maybe, you'll end up wanting to participate.

maybe you trust.

so i'll try to write from there.

(if you don't understand anything of what is written in here but want to, please comment below -or reach out to me- with your questions. that is exactly how i walk towards making this more understandable)

0. who?

this adventure is designed by a depressed person, for depressed people.

if you can't feel satisfied by what life offers to you, no matter what this is, this is for you. if you know someone that is depressed and wants to do some inner work to get out of that hole, please send them this.

if you just want to participate in something that has never been done before, and want to learn practically about blockchain technology, you are more than welcome also.

if you just want to become a better writer, consistency wins, and through this platform you will have practical incentives to show up to write every day.

overall, if you are sincere in the quest of making conscious what is unconscious so that you can evolve as a human being (or know someone that is), this is an experience designed for that.

1. when?

there will be 192 tickets available, and they will go live on the 9th of march at 5 am eastern time in the form of NFTs.

there will be a 7 day window for them to be bought.

74 will be free (i will decide who to give them to personally) and 118 will be sold for 0.1 eth (today that is 316 usd, maybe this number changes).

there are two options from here:

1.a) not all the tickets are sold during the 7 day window: all of the $ will be refunded (i will pay for the costs for doing that). this experience won't happen. at least for now.

1.b) all the tickets are sold during the 7 day window: we move on to the next step, which lasts for 96 days and will start on the 31th of march at 5 am eastern time.

2. what?

a game. for this first season, there will 24 teams of 8 people.

the mission that you have as part of a team is simple: coordinate with every member of your team so that each one of you writes at least 8 minutes through anky every day.

during this 96 day period, there will be 12 cycles of 8 days each. after each one of those cycles, the system will recognize who wrote and who didn't, and calculate the amount of $newen that corresponds to each user, based on some criteria that i'm working on.

but the most important one is that there will be a cap to the amount of $newen that each user can earn, and that you will earn that if you (and all of your team members) write at least 8 minutes every day on anky.

for the first season, the maximum amount of $newen that any of the 192 participants can earn is 842726.

so, for example, if all of you write every day for the first 8 days, you will be able to claim 842726/12 or 70227 $newen, which will be an ERC20 token deployed on base mainnet that you will be able to transact on the open market.

this game is a practical experiment into applied tokenomics.

no one knows what will happen. no one knows how much that amount of $newen will be worth (or if there will be someone that will want to buy it at all), but the rules will be clear.

and then the market will speak.

there will be a system that will process your (and your team's) writings, and calculate the amount of $newen that corresponds to you (and to every other participant in this game).

those tokens will be available for being claimed only by your wallet wallet at the end of each one of these 8 day periods (resonance waves), and we'll move like that through the 96 days of this first season of the game.

after each season ends, there will be a 7 day window on which you will be able to:

a) burn the ticket (NFT) for the season that just ended and get a ticket to participate in the next one. you will be able to use this and actually participate, or just sell it on the open market (who knows which will be the market price of these as anky -and all of the madness that comes with it- becomes more popular). the magic of blockchain based assets in action.

b) the rest of the NFTs (for example, for the second season, the 312 - 192 = 120 that wont be created as a consequence of burning the one of the first season) will be sold on the open market at a price that will be determined in the future (or for free. who knows).

3. where?

the only frontend interface to interact with this system will be the website where you will write and claim your $newen every 8 days. it will all be deployed on base (ethereum layer 2 blockchain).

the main idea behind this is for it to be anonymous, so it will be responsibility of every team to find a way of talking to each other that is not self-centered. as i write this, it feels that email is the best vehicle for that, but i'm not sure yet. this needs work. if you know about an anonymous platform that i can set up for teams to communicate (or have any idea about this), please reach out.

4. why?

there are many reasons, but some of them are:

1) anky, and its associated writing interface, is the work of my lifetime. by having these early 192 users i will be able to understand what i need to change about it to make it more useful. it is all a strong feedback loop, and hardcore user centered design.

2) to reward economically this group of early believers. if you will participate on this first iteration, the amount of $newen that you will potentially earn is much higher than the one you'll get proportionally if you participate on subsequent seasons (the number of participants will keep increasing exponentially, as you can see on the table). this is a novel implementation of these technologies, and i have a strong hunch inside that someone will end up talking about it (which will make all of the assets associated with it -which you may own if you believe in this enough- more valuable).

3) i believe we are going through a period in the evolution of humanity that is a spiritual earthquake, and all of what this project is is a frame of reference to navigate that process alongside each other. and with ourselves (writing through anky is a transformative meditation practice when done consistently) to harness focus and intention on the quest of timelessness happening through each one of us.

4) i have done immense amounts of inner work in the last years, and i acknowledge how hard it is to do it without external rewards. and that's how it is supposed to be, but this is just an experiment into rewarding externally (through the economy) inner work.

5. how?

that's what i'm figuring out, and crafting every day. the most important part of this adventure is for it to be known as a practical experiment, and for you, dear reader, to be someone that just trusts on what will come out of this.

the only clear thing is that people will be encouraged to write through anky for 8 minutes every day, and that all of this will be encoded into smart contracts that will be deployed on base (so that neither me, or any other person, can change the rules of the game once it starts).

i don't have all the answers, but i do know that i need to get out of my head and into the world. publishing this piece of writing is a step towards that.

thank you for reading until here. if you want to be kept in the loop of this, please add an email that you control on this form:

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