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Introducing: The Gen Radio

Launching a farcaster native radio station. With an eternal thread of music which you can start enjoying now, here: As soon as a piece of music ends, another starts. And so it goes...

tldr: if you want to add music to the queue, cast anywhere on farcaster "@degentip !jukebox X", where X is the amount of $degen you want to bid. for now, the queue is ordered by bid amount. this will change soon, but we had to start somewhere. you need to have some balance on your Jeeves wallet for it to work.

I just shipped one of the most important frames i've created so far.


Because it is part of a bigger system. It's just one piece that serves as the front end of something that happens on the background.

A cultural artifact.

A vehicle for us to bond with each other, in community.

The frame is just the excuse for us to explore how the music feels.

What the music brings.

And the recommendations that people from all over the world will come up with.

The Gen Radio is set up to be a place where to connect with each other.

Where to see each other.

That's what I have experienced, and that is what $degen has brought so far.

The opportunity to use my creative capacity in service of others.

In service of the mission of using this amazing technology to create experiences that bring something new to the life of people that interact with them.

This is just the first step. The first phase.

The product is completely simple. It doesn't do much on the frontend. The website where you play the music is ugly.

But it will get better.

It will have more features. We will eventually be able to have a live chat.

To see how many people are listening.

To rate the recommendations of others.

To have a mechanism for the queue that is not only based on the person that paid the most.

To think about a mechanism for doing it that serves with more integrity the mission to highlight amazing music.

Amazing people.

To bring that people on board.

To have them experience joy through the power of culture.

That's the mission that starts today with Gen Radio.

The mission of highlighting a moment in history.

Of being with that moment.

Of honoring that moment.

And embracing all of what it brings.

These are the two cents that i propose in order to use the platform of /degen to come up with something cool.

And this project is close to my heart.

It is a reimagination of the first app that I ever programmed.

Embedded in simplicity.

Dissolving all the friction points, and making it as seamless as it can be.

That's the mission.

That's the intention.

That's where we are headed.

If you want to collaborate, please do.

The code is all open source.

There are no boundaries.

If you want to have a radio show, please do.

The stage is for all of us.

Who want to do something new.

Who want to come up with new ways of experiencing each other.

At least that is what I believe we are doing here.

And this tech is the excuse.

These tools are all the excuse.

To deepen our bonds.

And to learn how to be human through that.

Gen Radio will be open for all of us.

It is here for us to shape it collectivelly.

With awesome music.

With great conversations.

With a strong focus on having fun.

And doing the best we can to enjoy this amazing experience called life.

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