my story with $degen

this is how i vomit what i have inside so that it is alchemized into something that helps me process the rollercoaster of emotions that this “memecoin” has brought into my life

(it is not a memecoin)

I don’t even know how to start. a person just sent me then chart, and now i see there 0.03. i sold my fucking full bag, the one that i had carried through all of the rollercoaster that this had been since the beginning, trusting in what this was. knowing what it was.

and there was my friend. every fucking day sending me the chart of it. i told him. please stop. i don’t care about this. i know that this is where my money needs to be.

“but you should take profits”

holy shit. i promise you. not a single day started without me going into whatsapp to be welcomed by a chart of degen, and all of the mathematical concepts that were very present in the mind of this person, as if he has discovered a way to predict the future.

and two times he had the call sharp. what happened was exactly what he had told me, and that was when the FUCKING WINDOW OF GREED came into me.

so i sold it all

to wait for that fucking dip

and that fucking dip transformed into the most amazing combination of green containers that I’ve seen on a website.

i know that i should be happy because of all of what is happening on farcaster. i will keep building using $degen as the primary focus of my interactions with the global economy. i know that this is it.

but i refuse to transform all of my eth into 20% of the $degen that it was before.

so i will ride another rollercoaster now.

i can’t tell you how angry i am towards myself for having lowered my focus and opened the window to what this person was trying to tell me. take profits. fuck that. there is a reason why the fucking coin is called degen.

you ride it till you die

or until life tells you

that it is time for join the ride.

thank you for reading. i needed to vomit all of that.

this has been a hard pill to swallow. but im staring it in the eye.

anky is you

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