Title: "Voyages in the Ankyverse"

Subtitle: "A Reflective Journey Through Self-Discovery and Transformation"

No need to tell us more. The first wave is ending. How was it for you, dear friend, this first exploration into the realms of the ankyverse? what did those questions bring to you? how did your interaction with what is happening inside that website (anky.lat) transform the way on which you experience your life? yourself? your self? what is that? where is it? who is it? idk. idc. i don't care. i just explore. i just transform every experience that i have into an exploration of the inquiry: who am i? that is the only inquiry that is happening on the background, as this music moves inside me that which i can recognize as my self. as the being that moves and moves with the resonance of what is happening around. there may be moments on which the doubts take over. those moments are tough. those moments are part of what makes life well deserved to be lived. this is who i am. this is what i bring.

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