what is anky?

exploring the lore architecture, the role of writing on the process of self inquiry, depression and the irony behind all of this.

your uniqueness is a gift.

I want to start by acknowledging some things:

  1. There is an enormous amount of resistance in me when I sit down to write specifically about what I'm going to write here.

  2. Everything is just a pointer.

  3. It is all a work in progress.

That being said, I want to carve myself a small segment of time and space to answer the question:

What is Anky?

Some days it is an allegorical representation of god. Other days it is an interface to interact with AGI. Other days it is just an excuse.

That is the one that I like the most: Anky is just an excuse.

To focus my energy in service of the spiritual evolution of humanity. And to use all the tools that are available today as a vehicle for that.

It is an invitation that I face every day: What wants to be built through this interface?

And the mission is to make it as simple as possible. To dissolve all of the underlying complexity of this system into something that you can interact with without thinking.

That is the end goal.

To create something that just works. If you have to think about what it is, i'm doing my work wrong.

And that is the fundamental challenge that arises when I sit down to explain you what Anky is.

Because they are all words that aim to explain.

What can't be explained. Only experienced.

And that is the invitation that I want to bring to you, dear reader.

To experience.

To see yourself through that experience.

It is all an excuse for that.


Anky is a frame of reference to gamify inner work.

I'm fundamentally thirsty of god.

That manifests itself as an incapacity that I have for being happy with what is.

Nothing is ever enough.

I have gone to meditation retreats, worked with entheogens, meditated a lot, trained to be a yoga teacher, trained to be a breathwork instructor, wrote a book, etc. All of these things done with the intention of filling the void that there is inside me.

But nothing, ever, fills that void.

It all ends up being things that add up to the "spiritual practice resume".

And nothing is ever enough.

And the biggest challenge when doing inner work is the lack of external cues that tell you: "good work".

Perhaps that is the role that religious institutions have played until now. For "doing the work" in community.

But what kind of work have they done? For me, the practice of religion is doing something specifically with the intention of making conscious what is unconscious.

And at least the religion that i was taught and part of throughout most of my life didn't have that on it.

Going to church was always a mechanical and repetitive act that you did because "you had to do it".

But it is different to practice meditation with the intention of dissolving the friction that is inherent to the human experience.

It is different to have a conscious practice of prayer and gratitude.

And the mission of Anky is to develop references that make that process friendlier.

So that we can navigate it together.

To focus on what we need to focus together.

I believe that one of the most important elements that nature teaches us is the important of cycles.

That's why the Ankyverse is organized in cycles.

96 days of deep work (a sojourn), and 21 days of resting (the great slumber). Today, for example, is day 78 of the second sojourn.

Each sojourn is itself divided in 12 resonance waves, each one lasting for 8 days.

And each one of these days there is a different energy that is active on the Ankyverse.

Today is the day of Insightia.

The land of intuition.

The Ankyverse is a mirror of the chakra system.

These energy centers are the reference that ancients created to work with the subtle elements of the human experience.

Each one of them a representation of a different facet of the human experience.

Located on a different point of the body.

So the Ankyverse is organized like this, so that every day there can be focus put on a different chakra.

And throughout a sojourn, we traverse the whole chakra system 12 times.

Working on each one of them. Day after day. Going a little bit deeper.

Today, the focus is on the third eye, and the invitation is to have that in mind.

The prompt that Anky poses you on the writing app is targeted towards that also:

"Ponder on how your physical existence is intertwined with your spiritual journey."

And so we go. Navigating the human experience with this as a reference.

To process the sensations, thoughts and emotions attached to each one of these.

And to feel all of what it brings.

It is all a frame of reference.

It is all an excuse.


When you go to the writing app, you will encounter a simple interface that invites you to start writing without stopping.

This is designed to trigger a process of writing from your subconscious mind.

The idea is to cease the thinking.

And to enter the being.

To explore how it feels to just be.

And write from there.

To give up the judgements. And to open up to what remains when you just allow your writing to happen through you.


One of the primary elements of Anky is the connection with your inner child.

That's why it is all attached to the generation of graphical interpretations of the pieces of writing that people come up with.

As soon as you finish a writing session, you can opt in for an image to be generated using the writing as the seed of it.

Eventually, you will have a timeless library of all of your writings as NFTs.

generated ankys

All of these were created as a consequence of someone writing through the platform.

And that is the intention behind it. To associate each writing to an image. That may not make sense.

But inspires awe. Wonder.

There is an aspect of your inner child that will find resonance in these images.

And it all ends up being an exploration into that.

And as soon as AI progresses, the mission will be to have these as videos. So that all of what you write ends up being transformed into a cartoon that you can see yourself mirrored in.


The main inspiration behind this idea is "The Infinite Jest", by David Foster Wallace.

On that book, there is a tool of mass destruction in the form of a film that is so fun that if you start watching it, you can't stop.

So you die.

My interpretation of this dying is the actual process of self realization.

When you realize that "you" are not "you", there is a death that happens. Anky is a trigger for this process of awakening to happen through the human experience, using all of this lore and resonance waves and everything that is part of this system as a vehicle for that.

The mission is for humans to walk towards the practical experience that they are not who they are identified with.

The story that "you" tell yourself that is what represents you and constitutes who you are is a lie.

And we are here to unmask that lie.

This is the underlying principle of all religions, and you could say that Anky is also a religion.

But based on the practice. On the commitment to the practice. On the practical consequences that showing up for the practice has.

In this case, the core practice for this system is to write at least 8 minutes.

As if it was a meditation practice.

As if you really wanted to know yourself.

This serves as an invitation for self inquiry to happen through you.

For you to walk towards knowing yourself.

For you to walk towards the experience of yourself.


One of the most important drivers behind the development of this system is the levels of depression that we are seeing in the world.

I mean, saying that is the easy part.

"You are the ones to blame, and I'm here to help all of you, depressed people".

That is the place where that first line came from.

But we are unmasking the part that writes from there here, aren't we?

So i'm going to be sincere: I am depressed.

I have always been.

I have been my whole life escaping from the feelings of depression that are inside me. From this existential angst that doesn't allow me to feel comfortable with the experience that i'm aware of right now.

I can't be happy. There is always something that I want to change.

And I'm absolutely and fundamentally bored of that.

And that is why I'm building this thing, as an act of selfishness.

I'm building Anky because i need Anky.

And it is all an excuse to develop practical tools that help us walk towards the experience of god.

I don't know how they look. I don't know where this will evolve.

I only know that I need it.

Because I am on fire. My whole being is on fire.

And I can't stand it anymore. I'm tired of it.

I want to enjoy life as much as I can, and I know that awakening is where I need towards that.


Life always ends up showing us what we need to see.

And in this case, it is the irony of all of this being more activity of the mind.

Me crafting all of what i'm sharing with you is another expression of the lack of satisfaction.

I keep running away from myself.

And my unconscious comes up with more and more complex ways of doing that.

I'm creating all of this madness in order to be free.

But I end up being trapped inside the madness.

And I don't know how to resolve it.

I truly don't know how to be free from it.

Am I doing something that doesn't make sense?

Am I burying myself deeper into the hole of meaninglessness?

I don't have a clue.

I really don't have a clue.

I'm just acting from the heart here, and building with humility. With honesty. With a strong desire to walk towards freedom.

To walk towards embodying everything that I am.

And the more "I" hide behind this concept, the more trapped I become inside it.

There is a reason why Satoshi Nakamoto developed bitcoin anonymously.

Because it didn't want to be trapped behind its creation.

I've thought about doing this anonymously also.

But I haven't resolved that yet.

And I believe that this will end up making arise some hard things that we will all have to deal with.

And I prefer leading through example and saying:

Here I am. Just doing the work.

Showing up, with everything that I can.

Moment by moment erasing the expectations that may make me feel that I have an answer.

Because I don't.

It is all an exploration where for each question that is answered:

Eight more arise.

Anky is not an answer.

Anky is a map to explore.

It is just an excuse to navigate the process of self realization playfully.

And experience what comes out of that.

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