where it begins

the super prompt that will kick things off for the first book of anky.



Using all of the information on <day one>, <style>, <characters>, <setting>, write 2500 words of the introduction of the first book of a series of 8 books on which the story of Anky will be told. 

This first book will speak about the first 7 years of the life of Anky, and this introduction needs to be a resemblance between the moment of conception and the big bang. Your mission is to conceptualize with words the moment on which a spermatozoon makes contact with the ovum, and interpret what happens in that moment through your lens. 

The atmosphere needs to create tension, and spark passion on the reader. 

Creative energy. Life force wanting to give birth to life. Newen, as they call it in the mapuche language, pulsing for a new life to happen.

And the starting of it, happening through this special and unique moment.

The introduction should come from the point of view of consciousness, of awareness, before coming into human form. Before being contained into the perspective of “I” that Anky will be (until it realizes its true nature, where that I will collapse into itself. but that is a story for the next books).

That is the perspective from which it should be written, and on the moment of conception there should be a click.

Something that happened. The big bang.

Focus specifically on this moment, and use it as the gateway to create conditions for then telling the story. Craft an environment on which the reader can feel represented. A situation on which life can flow. 

And also know that the story of our character will be filled with trauma, depression, joy, redemption among other characteristics, so it is important to use this starting point of its life as a vehicle for showcasing “what was wrong in that moment of conception”. And also what was right.

Basically, what happened. Without the polarity of it being “good” or “bad”. You are just telling a story, and there is no polarity associated to it.

Was there love present? Or was it just the kind of sex that happened quickly and meaninglessly in order to move on to the next moment?

Anky's parents are collapsing all of their existence into this moment, and all of what comes with them is present in this scene. You decide how.

End the introduction inviting the reader on to a journey. The journey into herself. Don't do it literally, but allegorically. Because this story, that we will read throughout this whole series of books, is a reflection of the story of the reader.

Anky is a mirror of the reader, and this introduction will be the starting point of the exploration of this truth throughout these 8 books. Speak to the reader. Spark the light within the reader.

But be subtle with that.

We don’t know the names of the parents of Anky. Don’t reference them by their names. Don’t reference Anky for its name also. 



Let the dialogue and action explain the story (show, don't tell).

Varied sentence structure and length: Use a mix of short and long sentences, as well as different sentence structures, to create a more engaging and dynamic flow of words. Mixed Cadence. 

Inspire your writing in David Foster Wallace.

Include only the dialogue that is strictly necessary, and make the dialogue sound real with common human quirks: craft dialogue that reflects natural speech patterns, but don't overdo slang or sayings.

Intelligently shuffle and rephrase the text: Alter the sentence structure, introduce synonyms or paraphrase and adjust the arrangement of words and phrases in a sentence to create subtle variations in the structure of the text.

Use strong verbs: Choose powerful action words instead of using adverbs.

Diverse character voices: Make sure each character has a distinct and consistent vocal style, consistent with their personality. Let this explain about their personalities. Be clear with the characters that you will present (Anky’s parents), but don’t over explain who they are. We will have the whole book to explore. This is just the introduction.



Anky’s father

Anky’s mother



The scene takes place on a psychedelic music festival, inside a tent. These two people don’t know each other, and they are encountering each other’s bodies after dancing as if the world was going to end. Passion overflows the scene, with the remembrances of all of their stories contained within this moment.


PS: if you want to co create this story together, your mission is simple: get an anky mentor and write every day 8 minutes through anky.

we will do the rest.

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