The Kokonut Podcast; "Deep Dive Sessions"

Join us as we explore innovative projects that leverage blockchain technology to create meaningful impact beyond the digital world.

Hello Web3 Community and friends! This is my first blog post on this platform, but I won't be talking about myself. Instead, I will be focusing on the "why," "how," and what we expect from the creation of these "Deep Dive Sessions."

Why is an Agriculture DAO doing this?

We have been on the sidelines for a long time, learning, researching, and trying to stay engaged. It's clear that there is a lot of noise in the Web3 community - information travels quickly and updates, launches, gatherings, and conferences can sometimes obscure accurate and meaningful information.

In my journey through the Web3, DAOs, and DeFi space, I have encountered countless people who are building amazing solutions to real-world problems. They go beyond simply creating magic internet money and develop use cases with solutions based on blockchain technology. These solutions are sometimes designed for local problems but have the potential to scale and move the needle on a global level.

I'm leading this initiative, which won't cost a dollar for the DAO, and will provide many upsides for Kokonut Network, such as exposure and possible partnerships.

How do we plan to achieve our desired outcome?

To create content that our audiences will enjoy and look forward to every month, we will be engaging in the following activities:

Exploring Realistic Climate and Social Impact Through Deep Dives

We would like our guests to join us on the podcast to discuss their projects, the concepts behind them, and how they can make a social and climate impact.

We encourage our guests to present a realistic roadmap of the milestones required to bring their ideas to life and share their "aha" moment that led them to choose web3 as a building block for their vision.

Furthermore, guests will have the opportunity to invite the audience to join them in their journey to build together as contributors, DAO Members, Partners, or Team Members.

ReFi, DeFi, DeSci & Public Goods Guests

We want to create an inclusive space that reaches beyond a single corner of the web3 community. Our goal is to showcase guests working on a wide range of solutions that meet our minimal criteria of "Social & Climate Impact". We recognize that many people don't have a platform to share their ideas for change, and we want to support them by offering a stage to showcase their work. Regardless of your background or ethnicity, we invite you to join us in creating meaningful content that inspires change and transcends the noise of the web3 community. Let's work together to make a difference.

Co-hosted by Community Leaders

While Kokonut Network is not a content powerhouse, we are committed to creating a delightful experience for everyone who tunes in to our podcast. To ensure a rich and varied discussion, we'll be inviting co-hosts who are leaders in their communities, enabling the cross-pollination of ideas and perspectives. Our goal is to bring a fresh perspective to the conversation and ask insightful questions that inspire thoughtful discussion. Together, we hope to create a vibrant and engaging platform that inspires change and makes a real impact on social and climate issues.

POAP quizzes throughout the episodes

We plan to add an interactive element to our podcast by incorporating POAP quizzes throughout the episodes.

Engagement is a big challenge on social media these days, with so much competing for our attention. To make our podcast more fun and engaging, we're going to have POAP quizzes throughout the episodes. Each quiz will give you the chance to earn an exclusive POAP that can be used to participate in raffles for other exclusive perks or unlock more content.

NFT Badges with Perks for POAP holders

These badges will be exclusive to POAP holders who participate in our quizzes and raffles during the episodes. By engaging with our content, you'll not only have the chance to win exclusive perks and unlock more content, but you'll also be able to showcase your participation in our community through these unique NFT Badges.

Each time you win a raffle, you will receive a Soulbound NFT Badge that will serve as the key to unlocking exclusive perks such as token-gated Discord channels, access to in-person events, and more.

10+ Ways to Engage with Our Podcast Episodes

If the problem is noise, lack of engagement, and the flood of information, then the solution is to create more content around the same topic. This content should vary in format, size, and time to understand and be easily shareable.

To this end, each episode will be accompanied by a full-featured blog post, hosted on IPFS & Arweave perpetual storage, easy to repurpose in the future. All of our content will be publicly posted on our social media channels, and we will try to get it featured within our network of internet friends. This will help to ensure that our content is easily accessible and shareable, and will enable us to engage with a wider audience.

1 Episode Per Month

For us to bring you the best content possible we will limit ourselves to this amount of podcasts per month, this way we have the time to produce high-quality and engaging episodes that bring real value and actionable steps on how to get involved with the projects featured each month.

What do we expect to achieve?

Our goal is to bring together highly aligned guests who can provide valuable insights on meaningful projects with social and climate impact. Our intention is not to promote Kokonut Network to our guests' community or to exploit cross-pollination opportunities. Instead, we aim to foster deeper connections between all participants and explore potential synergies within the community.

This will be a valuable experiment with significant benefits for the Web3 community.

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