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Announcing $21M in total funding & more

Unlocking the attention economy with new capital

Exciting update: Layer3 has secured $21M in total funding. Led by ParaFi and Greenfield, we recently closed a $15M Series A round. The new raise follows a previously unannounced strategic round of $3.7M in 2022 and $2.5M round in 2021.

The largest value creation event in the history of the web has been the monetization of attention — until now. Our mission is to unleash an unprecedented $500B+ in value issuance to users by decentralizing this model.

We’re solving the dual problem of attention and distribution in crypto:

  • Attention, the currency of the internet, is monopolized by centralized tech behemoths.

  • The decentralized protocols challenging this system face major distribution hurdles.

Layer3’s omnichain identity and distribution protocol creates an unrivaled flywheel effect, where crypto consumers turn their attention to new projects while being rewarded for onchain activity.

Arbitrum, Base, Celo, Gnosis, Linea, Uniswap, and more than a hundred other crypto teams are using Layer3’s distribution infrastructure. The platform has served over 3M unique users to date across 25 different blockchains including the EVM, Solana, and Cosmos.

Later this year, the Layer3 Foundation will launch the L3 token, along with a new AI-enabled protocol for optimizing distribution strategies.

New Daily Offer: Free Gas on Polygon

We want to help more people become active onchain. So claim your free daily gas on Polygon, powered by the new Daily Offers feature on Layer3. Claims reset every 24H.

With Daily Offers, CUBE holders can now earn personalized airdrops for onchain activity every day. Soon, we plan to add the following to Daily Offers:

  • Boosted rewards for L3 stakers

  • Improved personalization from your activity

  • Discovery in additional wallet apps via Daylight

Claim your Daily Offers

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