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CUBEs are live on Polygon 🟨

Collect CUBEs, claim rewards with low fees and high efficiency

Your onchain credential is now live on Polygon PoS.

  • CUBEs = Credentials to Unify Blockchain Events

  • Polygon PoS = EVM-compatible, low fee, Proof-of-Stake sidechain

CUBEs are open-source ERC-721 tokens to unify activity across chains, ecosystems, & dapps. They are now live on Base and Polygon with more chains coming soon.

Collect CUBEs to unlock tokens, in-platform perks, and exclusive Quests!

Collect your first CUBE on Polygon today

Speaking of Polygon… did you know its ecosystem spans to the zkEVM?

Polygon zkEVM and PoS are designed to address scalability and efficiency in the Ethereum ecosystem — with distinct yet complementary approaches:

  • zkEVM focuses on cutting-edge cryptographic techniques for scalability and privacy.

  • PoS emphasizes a more traditional staking and consensus mechanism for creating a scalable network.

Layer3 is powering Quests across the Polygon zkEVM ecosystem with $50,000 in rewards available this month!

Explore Polygon zkEVM in DeFi Unleashed

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