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Onchain Referrals & Dynamic Rewards

Our Quest to make Layer3 more rewarding than ever

Users, Creators, Integrators, and Referrers can now earn ownership of their favorite protocols by completing Quests and collecting CUBEs. With new onchain credentials, your achievements are preserved while unlocking Tokens, Dynamic Rewards, & Platform Boosts.

CUBEs for Tokens, XP, and Boosts

Token rewards can now be claimed by collecting CUBEs. With rich credentials representing onchain impact, protocols can now identify and incentivize quality users. Our V2 upgrade delivers the best platform for token distribution — and a vital utility for the cryptoeconomy.

Teams can now go beyond superficial metrics like MAUs or raw transaction counts to incentivize quality active users. Collect CUBEs and complete Quests to claim tokens, Dynamic Rewards, and new platform perks.

How are rewards issued?

Experience Points and tokens such as ETH, OP, and USDC will be issued dynamically upon Quest completion. In other words, higher value transactions (a formula accounting for volume and gas cost) can earn more Dynamic Rewards. Complete Quests to level up in XP, activate Boosts in the Rewards Hub, and claim tokens.

Dynamic Rewards incentivize greater onchain impact. If gas is high, you can earn more. If your transaction value is high, you can also earn more. You can view a breakdown of your Dynamic Rewards in each Quest.

How can you earn ETH from referrals?

You can now earn ETH by sharing Quests with friends – anywhere. For each Quest, you can now easily share its link to earn ETH rewards for anyone who collects a CUBE thereafter. *Note: referrals do not affect in-game progress or mechanics such as XP Boosts.

On the Referrals page, you can track total Quest completions and ETH earnings from wallets you’ve referred. Amplified by Onchain Referrals — users can earn by sharing Quests, integrators are incentivized for Quest Embeds, and creators earn for curating great adventures.

Building blocks for V2

An array of new token-rewarding Quests will soon launch on Layer3. In many cases, these Quests will be unlocked by a user’s level via Layer3 XP. CUBEs Quests will be phased in to replace our entire content library over time. At first, certain Quests will support CUBEs while others do not. Explore our lineup of token-rewarding Quests here.

CUBEs, the Rewards Hub, and Onchain Referrals unlock our vision to:

  • Streamline user activity across chains, apps, and ecosystems.

  • Enable an expansive economy for crypto ownership.

  • Dynamically reward active users across different protocols.

  • Expand our onchain impact while decentralizing Layer3.

  • Create the leading gateway to the cryptoeconomy.

Collect CUBEs and claim rewards in our Introductory Quest.

To earn referrals for this Quest, simply share the following link:[your Layer3 profile name]

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