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Infinity CUBEs, Memecoins, & New Rewards

Collect CUBEs. Claim new token rewards.

The first Infinity CUBE unlocks today. Are you ready? Each Infinity CUBE enables an additional airdrop allocation at TGE for holders. Discover key ecosystems to unlock the prized Mind CUBE:

  • Chains: Arbitrum, zkSync, OP Mainnet, BNB Mainnet, & Base.

  • Dapps: Radiant Capital, Koi Finance, Trader Joe, Bungee, PancakeSwap, Uniswap, & GMX.

Mint all three Infinity CUBEs to fully optimize for L3 Airdrop 2 + a $500K USDC reward pool.

Collect the Infinity CUBEs

By collecting CUBEs, you can unlock rewards for the hottest memecoins on Base and other upcoming chains:

  • Hold 300+ CUBEs? Claim a piece of 900K DEGEN in rewards.

  • Hold 400+ CUBES? Claim a greater piece of 900K DEGEN in rewards.

Over time, our multichain credentials will enable access to an expanding lineup of Quests with direct rewards. *Note: We are currently experimenting with new ways to reward CUBE holders. Please share feedback on this and future drops in Discord so we can calibrate accordingly!

Claim the DEGEN Drop

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