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A Key Portal for Wallet Providers

With multi-wallet support, Layer3 is a pioneering gateway to crypto

As the leading platform for crypto user acquisition, Layer3 sets itself apart from competitors with key features such as:

  • Multi-wallet support, funneling, and tracking

  • Multi-chain support spanning both EVM and non-EVM chains

By determining which wallet explorers use for each Layer3 Quest, we are uniquely positioned to elevate user acquisition (and retention) for leading providers. As an example, explore the Phantom Community Page spanning Quests on Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana:

Our first Solana Collection catalyzed over 60,000 users to explore Solana through Phantom. By discovering leading Solana dapps such as Orca, Magic Eden, and Tensor – on-chain adventurers were able to claim an exclusive NFT reward. 

In addition, NFT rewards on Layer3 are minted gaslessly for the best user experience possible. Solana’s lightning-fast, low-fee transactions are vital to unlocking crypto for the world – and we’re proud to support it across our vibrant ecosystem.

Crypto’s multi-chain, multi-wallet future

On-chain reputation and identity shouldn’t be tied to a single wallet. That’s why we’ve helped leaders such as Phantom, Uniswap, and Brave build key product portals – while championing security, optionality, and ease-of-use for our vast userbase. See: How Brave increased usage of their in-browser crypto wallet by 700% with a Layer3 Quest.

You should be able to explore web3 your way, using one wallet or ten. Head over to your User Profile and easily add an array of different Wallets:

Stay organized with custom wallet labels and colors. Easily choose which Wallet address you’d like to use, and even toggle between multiple different wallet addresses, to verify each Quest.

Layer3 transforms the crypto universe into an interactive, rewarding experience for both explorers & builders alike. We’ve guided more than 800,000 people through over 27 million on-chain actions – and hope to continue doing so for your favorite platforms.

Further, providers can now seamlessly embed powerful, educational, and immersive Quests or Journeys on their native site, blog, or technical docs.

Build a gateway to your wallet

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