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Onchain Alpha: Celo

Collect CUBEs on Celo’s mobile-first, EVM-compatible chain

CUBEs are now live on Celo. Explore leading dapps to claim your credential — with lightspeed, low-fee transactions.

What is Celo?

Celo is currently a Layer 1 chain with a grand vision: to make sending payments as easy as sending a text, to anyone with an internet connection across the world. Celo’s mobile-first platform is seamlessly EVM-compatible, with plans to migrate to an Ethereum L2 soon.

Like Ethereum, you can bridge, swap, mint, and discover on Celo. However, with extremely low fees and lightspeed transactions, you can unlock new apps as well as favorites like Uniswap. CUBEs, the key to the Layer3 economy, are now live on Celo’s highly efficient chain.

Bridge to Celo via Squid

What is the best way to get started on Celo? You can seamlessly transfer funds to Celo via Squid’s cross-chain portal.

Swap tokens with Uniswap v3 on Celo

As the next step on your Celo journey, you can easily trade your favorite tokens on Uniswap v3. With over $35M in TVL as of February 2024, it is one of the most popular dapps on Celo. Collect your first CUBE on Celo by trading on Uniswap v3.

The Future of Celo

Today, Celo consistently ranks among the top chains by daily active addresses. Its scaling solution has facilitated over 350 million transactions for an average gas fee of $0.0005. With 5-second block times, Celo is a leader for lightspeed, low cost, Ethereum-compatible activity.

In July 2023, Celo announced its plan to completely transition to a Layer 2 chain on Ethereum. Competition has been heated — with technical pitches made by Arbitrum, zkSync, and Polygon developers. Celo’s community is currently evaluating which blockchain stack it will migrate to (and will likely share its next steps soon).

With Layer3 as your gateway, you can start exploring Celo’s vibrant ecosystem today. Over the next few weeks, you can discover new Quests to collect CUBEs, earn XP, and claim limited-edition NFTs on the Celo Brick Road.

Collect CUBEs on Celo today

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