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Quest Frames on the Superchain

Mint CUBEs and earn rewards. Directly in Farcaster.

Our onchain adventures can now be Frames in Farcaster. Earn rewards directly in your decentralized social feed. Platforms and creators can now incentivize quality engagement on Layer3, Farcaster, and beyond.

What is Farcaster?

Powered by Ethereum and the OP Superchain — anyone can create profiles, “Cast” messages, and build an open social network on Farcaster. Connect your crypto wallet and ENS for onchain social media on Warpcast (Farcaster’s leading interface).

On Warpcast — you can easily mint NFTs, tip memecoins, and explore Frames as interactive apps in-feed. Frames have helped drive remarkable growth for Farcaster — and a nearly 20x spike in Daily Active Users after being introduced in January.

Memecoins, CUBEs, and the Superchain

Our first Frame Quest — which awarded CUBEs to users who Liked & Recasted — was one of the most popular Casts of all time. Since then, we’ve experimented with Quests for:

  • Swapping via Uniswap on Base to earn $DEGEN

  • Connecting a Solana wallet to earn Layer3 XP

  • Collecting a CUBE on Zora to earn $DOG

In Frame, you can easily connect with favorite chains or dapps, mint CUBEs, and claim rewards.

Compared to Web2 social media, Farcaster unlocks unparalleled composability and transparency. With open data, we can see CUBEs are the second-most popular NFTs held by Farcaster users while DEGEN on Base is one of the top tokens traded.

The Farcaster community loves CUBEs, memecoins, and Superchains such as Base and Zora.

The Future of Quests

What will you build with Layer3 Quests as Farcaster Frames? Teams and creators can now:

  • Identify users by power user badge, follower count, etc.

  • Incentivize onchain actions with ETH, stablecoins, memecoins, NFTs, points, & more

  • Reach audiences across Farcaster,, Paragraph, Daylight, and beyond

  • Support 30+ chains and hundreds of composable dapps

We hope to be valuable contributors to the Farcosystem while decentralization is its virtue. The Web2 vs. Web3 social media wars have begun, and open protocols should win in the end.

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