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Reintroducing Layer3

Identity and Distribution for a User-Owned Future

The largest wealth creation event in the history of the web has been the monetization of attention. Trillion-dollar empires have been built by controlling our online identity, the interface you consume content, and the monetary incentive layer that powers it all. We're decentralizing this model to unleash an unprecedented $500B+ in value issuance to users.

Layer3 is not a quest platform. Layer3 is the infrastructure for a new era of user-owned value, powered by our omnichain identity and distribution protocol. We've taken the engine behind these $1T giants and decentralized it by creating an open identity, incentive, and interface network owned by participants.

Attention is a scarce resource, and fragmentation is crypto’s greatest risk. New L1s, L2s, and L3s appear every day, each fighting for mindshare and attention. AI contributions to ecosystems will only exacerbate this issue. Projects will face an exponentially difficult battle to capture user attention, making distribution strategies more critical than ever. Billions of $ are spent to bootstrap new social graphs only for them to wither when communities move to the next thing.

Layer3 challenges this head on by enabling:

  1. Projects to reach & build thriving communities and issue value to users who contribute to growth

  2. Users to discover protocols and earn via perpetual incentives, pre-token networks, and a unified crosschain identity

The impact and potential of this approach is already evident. In the last 60 days alone, 1M users have explored top ecosystems on Layer3, completing 49M campaigns and claiming 3M multichain credentials (CUBEs). All while our users are becoming owners in the networks they participate in, as seen in last year’s Arbitrum airdrop where they qualified for 20.4% of the token distribution – $302M at today’s prices.

An estimated $500B+ in tokens are earmarked for marketing over the next 5 years, muchof which will happen through infrastructure like Layer3.

Platforms that excel in the three key components of identity, incentives, and interfaces become $1T value creators.

With Layer3, these components become decentralized and user-owned – the value generated by this combination accrues to the users. By putting the ownership and control of these critical components in the hands of the community, Layer3 enables an ecosystem where users directly benefit from the value they create.

  • Identity: CUBEs are the fastest-growing multichain identity network, with 4M+ minted since launch 2.5 months ago. As thousands of L1s, L2s, and L3s launch, accelerated by AI, CUBEs serve as the first antidote to fragmented onchain identity by unifying identity and activity across chains. The minting fee ensures the network's integrity over time. Additionally, Layer3’s user-owned KYC credential is coming soon.

  • Incentives: Projects issue value to users indirectly through points or directly through tokens on Layer3. Every curated or created points program and airdrop in the ecosystem increasing our market size. Top ecosystems like Linea, Base, and Gnosis increasingly choose Layer3 as the network to distribute value to their users, attracting a wider audience over time.

  • Interfaces: Layer3 is the only app where users can explore, earn, build their identity, and trade in one place. We believe value will accrue to the interfaces that retail users enjoy and the protocols powering them. If you haven’t been on the platform in a while, try out the new Layer3 today, it’s much more enjoyable than before, more updates coming over the coming months.

Our protocol has a beautiful flywheel, where new protocols bring new users and new users attract more protocols, which forms the bedrock for a $1T cryptonative marketing solution. Even if a points program or airdrop happens outside of Layer3 infrastructure, contributors curate and incentivize them for our users to explore, providing a global access point to every ecosystem.

Typically, ~40% of a project’s tokens are allocated to marketing through airdrops, grants, and incentive programs, and Layer3 has proven its value by serving top token ecosystems representing $100B+ in market cap within the short timeframe since launch.

As fragmentation grows and competition for user attention intensifies, top projects consistently choose Layer3 for our unparalleled curation and advanced user experiences. Our network effects drive consistent growth, achieving all-time highs in both bear and bull markets, showcasing the long-term potential of the network.

Layer3 is the catalyst for a new era of user-owned value. By decentralizing identity, incentives, and interfaces, our ecosystem empowers users and projects to unlock unprecedented growth and value creation. Whether you're a user looking to own your data and earn rewards, or a project seeking to build a thriving community, Layer3 is the infrastructure that can make it happen.

We invite you to be part of the journey to build a future where value accrues to the users. If this resonates with you, we’re hiring engineers.

Want to streamline distribution via Layer3 infrastructure? Head to to curate a space today. Ready to explore? Sign up at to mint your first CUBE and claim rewards today.

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