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Spindl and Layer3

Unparalleled user engagement, on-chain measurement, and audience attribution

Layer3 and Spindl are joining forces to unlock cryptonative growth with unparalleled user engagement, on-chain measurement, and audience attribution.

The key to unlocking crypto for the world is to know your audience. Layer3 enables leading crypto platforms to reach, acquire, and retain new users with powerful and interactive experiences. Spindl illuminates the who, what, and why along the way.

Our customers include teams such as Base, Uniswap, Brave, Phantom, and myriad others. With Spindl, we are building an immersive, viral, and data-informed platform spanning chains, wallets, and applications across many sources.

User Acquisition and Audience Intuition

With Spindl, we can understand where users came from and how they monetized on-chain. Our audience intuition extends beyond mobile, desktop, fiat and crypto – building a vital bridge across Web2/3. With these insights, we hope to navigate a more decentralized Internet for all.

Spindl's leader eloquently noted how: 

“...we’ve always thought that Web 3 marketing would evolve to be better, more transparent, and more fair than the tottering Web 2 advertising edifice we’ve lived inside for over two decades. This partnership with Layer 3 is a hint of that future."

On-chain Precision

  • Base: Reporting its impact on Base’s Onchain Summer Campaign, Layer3 catalyzed nearly as many on-chain explorers as Coinbase’s launch site.

  • Optimism: We’ve helped 214,000 unique users conduct 8.7 million transactions. Of those, we were responsible for acquiring 56,000+ new users.

  • Axelar: Layer3 has facilitated 117,000+ transactions – more than all other organic sources – on Axelar’s cross-chain communication network.

  • Slingshot: Layer3 Quests drove millions of dollars in swap volume for Slingshot’s decentralized trading protocol.

Connecting Web2 to 3

Stay tuned for future insights (both on-chain + beyond) from Spindle and Layer3.

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