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Let's talk about ChainCade

The ChainCade Ecosystem, $chaincade and $xd

Lazydev builds the ChainCade Ecosystem known as Retroverse. That's me, in third person! 😄

I build the ecosystem because I love building things and I love the ChainCade community. Everything I create is for the community.

I do not get paid for it, however, I do own roughly 1.2% of the ChainCade supply, 1% of which I received when I was hired by the creator of the token. I bought some, and some came from the reflections mechanism.

I fund everything from my day job, and I'm capable of running the ecosystem—that I can assure you. The past 2.5 years are proof of that, although for the first 2 years, I had help from teammates who are no longer in this space at their previous capacities.

So, that was just a brief introduction. Let's talk about the ecosystem. What is it? What are its components?

If you are already familiar with ChainCade, forget everything about it up to this point. We had a team, and we were still biting off more than we could chew.

Now, ChainCade Games makes games and an ecosystem around those games. Our goal is to start generating revenue from the App Store and Play Store before the end of 2025, and inject 50% of the revenue into the ChainCade ecosystem as rewards.

The Rewards

We are discussing this first because there’s something that needs to be made clear: We are not an employer. No amount of investment or involvement will get you to a point where you can treat this as a job. This is not a job; we're making games to provide entertainment and tell stories. The rewards should just be treated as a cherry on top to sweeten your experience.

If you don't want to play games without job-like rewards, or if our games are not worth your time, then you should thank the beauty of the web3 space. There are so many projects, so many games, and so many opportunities—most of them much better than ours—so feel free to explore them.

If you're still reading, that means you're interested, so let's talk about the rewards:

  • You complete quests by simply maintaining a status, like holding tokens, NFTs, etc., by completing in-game tasks, and by achieving community goals.

  • Each quest grants you a Lucky Box; the rarity of the box depends on the quest.

  • Lucky Boxes can yield ChainCade, XD points, VIP days, or Quads. More rewards may be added to the pool at any time.

  • You can withdraw the ChainCade you earn once your earned ChainCade balance exceeds 10 billion, depending on your holdings and activity level. This can take anywhere from a week to a month or two.

The Retroverse App

A lot of our players are mobile users, and we also want to target the Web2 audience to create a viable business model. A major focus now will be on mobile apps, both for Android and iOS.

We don't want to create a new app for every single mini-game created for ChainCade; that would be too much clutter and a DevOps nightmare. Therefore, starting with MoonWar, all games except major titles will be consolidated into a single app, THE RETROVERSE APP!

The ChainCade classic MoonWar is being revamped as part of the new app and will be integrated into the new quest-based reward system. ChainMan will remain on the web to be played for nostalgia, and a different ChainMan-related game with a new mechanic will be added to the Retroverse App later on.

NetSpace : TCG

This is the major title we are building together as a community—an amazing card game with cool mechanics and gameplay.

There's a Farcaster frame where you can already start learning about NetSpace in an organized way. This frame will be constantly updated throughout our journey.

The Founders: Humanity's Last Hope

When the V.E.C.T.O.R. tragedy struck Earth, most of humanity was cut off from the rest of Dimension 21. However, a single defense unit on the Moon was fortunate enough to remain outside the Augmentation globe. A special team from the NetSpace Research Council, led by Agent P., approached them and informed them of what had happened on Earth.

There were 100 members in that team. The commander gathered all 99 of his cadets and briefed them on the situation. They were quickly dispatched to explore various corners of the universe in search of TimeWeavers to seek help, as humanity, despite all its ups and downs, had been an ideal member of the Galactic Citadel. The commander joined the secret operation by the NRC team that contacted them, to uncover the truth behind the Augmentation event.

The 99 Founders, also known as The Human Explorers, are humanity's last hope and are represented by those holding our 99 Founder's Edition NFTs.The Founder's Edition was minted on BSC, on a marketplace that was just a new project like ours, and it was a great success. Everyone was excited; it was the peak of 2021, and they sold within seconds. Ever since then, Founder's Edition NFTs have been an integral part of the ChainCade ecosystem, but there have been some challenges.

The marketplace they were minted on isn't in the best condition to support the collection, and no major marketplace or wallet supports BSC NFTs.

So we'll be re-minting them on Base, and doing a 1:1 exchange for your BSC version with the new base version. We're still deciding on what the final visuals for the new Founder's Edition will be, but we're leaning towards something that reflects their story of exploring unknown worlds in search of TimeWeavers.

The MoonWar Revamp

MoonWar is a ChainCade classic, the story of MoonWar is as old as the Idea of ChainCade, When I made the first version of MoonWar, I knew nothing about crypto and web3, I was a complete outsider, making games as a freelancer. Things are different now after 3 years, and MoonWar deserves to be revamped into something even cooler.

The new MoonWar isn't just about destroying ships, now you'll find yourself collecting fuel, upgrading your spaceship with various upgrade material and then...destroying ships, but in a much more cooler experience where you'll find yourself often trying to improve your ship by every little bit possible to get to the next level.

In Explore Mode, each level is an alien world where you play as one of The Human Explorers, encountering fleets of enemy ships, once you defeat all the waves, you complete a level. There will be 99 different planets, each with 10 levels, and number of waves in each level increases with the level. At the start, we'll begin with 5 different planets.

Another game mode is Material Raid, where you'll be playing on much easier difficulty repetitively to collect resources and materials to upgrade your ship and your fuel extractor.

In short, collect radioactive fuel to power your ship to stand a chance against the powerful swarms of enemy ships, Upgrade your ship to be strong enough to face all the enemy fleets sent by Xoroxians towards your exploration base.

You'll keep getting sneak peeks at what's coming throughout the development process.

$ChainCade Token

$ChainCade and ChainCade Games are two completely separate things. ChainCade Games does not control the $ChainCade token, it merely uses it for it's ecosystem, the creator has left the web3 space and the contract ownership is revoked, so this is a truly community owned token.

There is a 1% tax on every transaction, that gets reflected (redistributed) to all the holders of the token, which includes the burn address. Since the % of your share in the redistribution depends on the % of your share in the supply, the burn address gets most of that amount, and thus, the supply keeps decreasing over time.

What is it used for in the ecosystem?

In the NetSpace, $ChainCade is used for :

  1. Buying quads and vip in the NetSpace store.

  2. Determining quests you get, and auto-quests based on your holding.

  3. Flex, yeah?

XD Points

When you open lucky boxes after claiming them from completed quests, you get XD Points, among other things. What are the XD points? they're a beginning, of our presence on the Base ecosystem.

Xoroxian Dylithiums TGE will be sometime in the second half of 2025, there will be no team tokens, no marketing tokens, not VC share, 50% of the token's supply will be for airdrop to those who earn XD points by interacting with the ChainCade ecosystem,30% will be used as rewards in our ecosystem, 20% will be rewards for Liquidity providers.(the ratio could change, but you can quote me on this : all supply will be fairly distributed).

Quads, VIP and The Store

As you might've already seen, there's a store now on the ChainCade Dapp, where you can spend ChainCade or BNB to purchase Quads and VIP status, however, there's not much use of these two, other than the associated quests, and XD Points you earn for purchases.

Quads will be used in game, just like diamonds or gems in any popular mobile game, which you spend to progress faster, you'll be able to purchase them using IAP with just fiat like you do in your regular games, but the ChainCade store gives you a 20% discount for paying with crypto, and on top of that, bonus amount when using ChainCade.

VIP, will give you perks in games, apart from some perks already active in quests.

So, Quads and VIP are not being utilised to their best capacity right now, so a great advice would be to hold on to your funds even if you're willing to purchase, until the time is right.

Closing thoughts by Lazy

As I continue to expand and enhance the Retroverse and its associated games, my commitment remains to the community that has supported me throughout this journey. With new developments on the horizon, I hope you all are excited to enter the next chapter of our adventure together. Your enthusiasm and engagement fuel my efforts to create an even more immersive and enjoyable experience for all. Let's make the most of this journey, together.

I am doing this, with all my heart. Until next time.

Some links :

Warpcast : (we're actively present on farcaster)

Twitter :

Telegram : (most of the community is active here)

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