Token Delegation in Realms

How to use Delegation in Realms

What is Realms?

Realms provides a platform for builders on Solana to create a DAO, manage their members, vote on proposals, and allocate their treasury.

Whether you are running a multisig, NFT community DAO, or community token DAO, Realms has the tools and integrations to help your community flourish.

Realms serves as the frontend for SPL Governance, a DAO-type and asset-type agnostic standard for building and maintaining DAOs on Solana.

What is Delegation?

Delegation (in this case, governance power) refers to the process of assigning control or management rights of your governance power to another user. By delegating, you can entrust the management of governance power to someone else while still retaining ownership.

Why would I want to delegate my governance power?

Delegating your voting rights can be useful for various reasons, such as:

  • Lacking time or expertise to research and make informed decisions on proposals.

  • Trusting someone else who has more experience or knowledge to vote on your behalf.

  • Temporarily being unavailable to participate in governance voting.

  • Delegating to a hot wallet makes the setup and governance participation more secure.

How do I delegate my governance power in Realms?

To delegate your tokens for governance voting in Realms Solana, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to and choose the DAO you wish to delegate your governance power.

  2. After selecting the respective DAO, head over to My governance power which should be located at your top right of your screen.

  3. While being in the My governance power tab, connect your wallet of choice if you didn't do it before and at the Delegate tokens panel write below in the text input box which wallet you would like to delegate your governance power.

    Click Delegate and procced with signing in your wallet the confirmation to delegate your governance power to the selected wallet.

    You must copy the wallet address into text input box to be able to delegate.

    A Solana address's length varies from 32 to 44 characters.

    Always double check the wallet you are assigning to delegate!

  4. After delegating your governance power, the wallet that received the delegated governance power should have an UI looking like this.

    Below the My governance power tab it should have a Your Delegates tab.

  5. Everything should be working correctly if all the steps were done as indicated.

    Q: Can I delegate my governance power to multiple wallets?
    A: No, only 1 wallet.

    Q: Can the delegate withdraw my tokens?
    A: No.

    If there is no need anymore to delegate your governance power simply reverting the proccess is enough.

    Go to My governance power from the delegate account and click on the cross sign which will prompt a confirmation in your wallet.

    After this, the wallet holding the governance power should be not delegating anymore to any other wallet.

Security considerations for delegating tokens

When delegating tokens, it's essential to consider security aspects, such as:

  • Ensuring that your private keys are securely stored and not shared with anyone.

  • Verifying the wallet address of the delegate before initiating the delegation process.

  • The delegate might not vote as per your preferences or expectations.